Hurricane Harvey 8/27/2017. MP was closed 8/28/17 and 8/29/17 due to lots of flooding.

Hurricane Harvey hit the southern coast of Texas on 8/26/2017-8/29/2017.

We had record amounts of water inundate lots of the coastline, and Houston, TX where we are located had record amounts of flooding.

Over 30,000 homes flooded.

Almost every major highway around Houston flooded. Many surface roads flooded, and people were trapped in their neighborhoods. Thousands of people had to be rescued by boats as the rising waters in their houses made it unsafe.

Luckily, MP was not affected other than some slight water that got into our warehouse.  Two of our employees houses flooded, and instead of our usual 15-20 minute drive to work, because we had to take back roads, our drive times to MP would take 35-45 minutes.

A lot of other Houstonians were not as fortunate as us, last we heard about 15 people died, and even a few days later many Houstonians are without food, and their homes, cars, businesses’s are destroyed.