SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon Part 11

In part 10 we discussed electrical wiring of our SRT4 swapped 1995 Neon.

Next up is installing the ABS pump. The engine bay in the SRT4 had a lot of room, but because we have a LOT less room in the Neon we have to modify the bracket to be able to mount the ABS pump onto the frame. The rusty piece of steel welded onto the right side of the bracket is the piece we added on.

Here, we are cutting away a lot of the ABS pump mounting bracket because all we need are the two mounting points for the ABS pump.

This is what our custom bracket looks like after a lot of cutting, and welding.

Here we have the ABS pump with our special bracket mounted to the frame.

Here we have the ABS Pump mounted, and the SRT4 brake lines are attached to the ABS pump.