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SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon. Part 1

Ok, for those of you who are familiar with my 1995 Dodge Neon Nitro Yellow Green ACR, you can skip ahead. For those of you who arent familiar with the history of this car, heres a primer for you.

I found this car in a junkyard way back in June of 2006. It was a shell of a car, with a busted up interior, no engine/transmission and it wasnt far away from being crushed. The shell was in great shape with no major damage though, and it was a GENUINE ACR Nitro Yellow Green Neon!

Heres pictures of how I found the shell in the junkyard.

(Past thread on www.neons.org with the full history on this car is here: [url]http://forums.neons.org/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=259861[/url]

Now, after buying the shell, piecing together the interior, suspension, I built up a 2.0 Magnum High Compression Sohc motor to play around with. I was able to get 160 horsepower and about 138 lbs of torque at the wheels out of that motor. It ran fine, but I needed more power so eventually I put in a high compression 2.4 motor out of a Dodge Stratus. With tuning, I was able to get a peak of 190 hp and 170 lbs of torque at the wheels. It felt great, but eventually I needed more power.

Thats how I decided to do a complete SRT4 swap. I wanted to have a solid 250+ horsepower at the wheels with the next motor combination, and the SRT4 motor could easily produce 250-300 horsepower at the wheels. I wanted it to be extremely reliable, be able to pass emissions tests, and be incredibly solid.

Tomorrow – photos of the donor car and teardown..

For SRT4 owners who are having clutch engagement problems..

MPx Clutch Pedal Pivot Arm and Bushing

Problem: For 03-05 SRT4’s, the hydraulic clutch master cylinder connects to the clutch pedal via whats called a Clutch Pivot. The master cylinder connects to the clutch pivot and has a plastic locking clip to hold it in place. Over time ,the plastic locking clip will break, and or wear away and cause inconsistent clutch engagement/disengagement.

So, we designed a piece that would replace the factory plastic clutch pivot piece altogether with an alumium body, bearing grade bronze bushing, grade 8 bolt and e-clip.

This gives you a MUCH more solid clutch feel, and will eliminate any clutch inconsistencies. Plus, its very simple to install, and only requires a socket set, and about 5 minutes to remove the factory piece and install the MPx clutch pivot arm!

More details here:

A Customer stopped by with a 03-05 SRT4 painted Candy Apple Red..(photo)

A local customer stopped by the Modern Performance shop to pickup a new clutch the other day.

He parked his SRT4 outside, and we noticed it wasnt the factory red color! After talking with him he told us the car used to be silver, and that he painted it himself.

It looked great, especially considering it was painted by himself and not a body shop! Anyways, enjoy the photo.

Candy Apple Red SRT4

MPx Blow off plate for Neon SRT4 and Caliber SRT4 now available! $34.99!

Mpx Blow off plate for Neon/Caliber SRT4

Introducing the MPx blow off plate for the 08+ Dodge Caliber SRT4, 03-05 Dodge Neon SRT4 and the 02+ Plymouth GT Cruiser.

This piece mounts under the factory turbo relief valve and allows the pressurized air to be released when ever you push in the clutch or release the gas.

MPx Blow off plate for Neon/Caliber SRT4

Link to the product here:

Want to install a blow off valve onto your Neon SRT4 ,Caliber SRT4? Then you’ll need an uppipe!

Want to install a blow off valve onto your Neon SRT4 ,Caliber SRT4? Then you’ll need an uppipe!

If you have decided to install a new blow off valve on your Neon SRT4 or Caliber SRT4 so that you can turn up the boost without the factory blow off valve leaking, or if you just want a cool sounding blow off valve, youll need to mount a uppipe with flange onto your car.

Why you might ask ? Well the answers simple! The factory blow off valve has a flange that does not work with any aftermarket blow off valves from Hks, Greddy or TurboXs. So, you have to have a pressure pipe with a flange to mount the blow off valve onto. Thats where the uppipes shown below come into action.

The first one is a AGP uppipe for the 03-05 Neon SRT4. The second one shown is the MPx uppipe for the Caliber SRT4.
AGP Uppipe for Neon SRT4
MPx uppipe for Caliber SRT4

Both of the pieces above will replace one of the pressurized sections of piping on your car, and allow you to mount a new blow off valve.

Want more details ? Check out the link below, that will show you all of the uppipes we have for the Neon SRT4 and the Caliber SRT4.

New Aeroforce Interceptor Scangauges in stock for Neon SRT, Caliber SRT, Cobalt SS Supercharged!

We’ve received the new version of Aeroforce Interceptor Scangauges for the 03-05 Dodge Neon SRT4, 05-07 Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged, and 08-09 Dodge Caliber SRT4.

These have the exact same functionality as the previous gauges, except now they are offered with interchangeable faces! Now, you simply purchase ONE gauge, and you get a black bezel and a silver bezel, as well as a black face and a silver face! This way you can make whatever combination of face you want within seconds!

So, we decided to snap a few photos to show how easy it is to swap the faces.

Heres where you start. A complete gauge with bezel and face.
Aeroforce Interceptor Scangauge Swap Gauge Face

Simply unscrew the bezel counterclockwise, and then remove the bezel, clear shield, and face.
Aeroforce Interceptor Scangauge Swap Gauge Face

Then, install the new face, clear shield, and the bezel of your choice. Presto! Within seconds youve changed the look of the Aeroforce Scangauge!
Aeroforce Interceptor Scangauge Swap Gauge Face

As you may have noticed, the faces are now customizable with SRT or SS logos on the face. Here is what the gauges look like with the new SRT or SS logo faces.

Aeroforce Scangauge Interceptor Gauges for 03-05 SRT4 and 08-09 Caliber SRT4

Aeroforce Scangauge Interceptor Gauges for 05-07 Cobalt SS Supercharged

More information on these gauges, pricing, etc are available on the specific product pages listed below.

03-05 SRT4

08-09 Caliber SRT4

05-07 Cobalt SS Supercharged

Headlight comparison for 03-05 Neon and SRT4 owners

I talked to a customer with a 2003-2005 SRT4 today that asked me:
“Whats the difference in all of the headlights you offer?”

So, I thought it would be good to take some photos and show the difference between the different models of headlights we offer and explain some of the differences.

First, heres the lineup of headlights we will be discussing today. From left to right, we have the Depo Factory style headlight, the Depo Projector style headlight, and the Halo Projector style headlights.

03-05 Neon/SRT4 headlight comparison

Here we see the backsides of the headlights, from left to right, the Halo Projector style headlights, Depo Projector style headlights, and Depo factory style headlights.

03-05 Neon/SRT4 headlight comparison

Here we have a backside closeup view of the Depo factory style headlight. The main plug in the center is the headlight plug, and the turn signal receptacle cannot be seen, off to the side.  The Depo factory style headlights have headlight bulbs, and turn signals preinstalled, ready to go. It also has factory style adjustments for light adjustment.

03-05 Neon/SRT4 headlight comparison

Here we have a backside closeup view of the Depo projector style headlight. The Depo projector light has a headlight bulb, and turn signal bulb preinstalled. The adjustment for light output is quite a bit different, and harder to adjust than a factory style light because youll need to remove the light to make adjustments to heigth of the light output.

03-05 Neon/SRT4 Depo Factory Style headlight

Here we have a backside closeup view of the Halo Projector style style headlights.This light is the most complicated headlight out of the three, because you have seperate wiring for the turn signals and halo lights that need to be connected. It comes with a bulb and wiring for the headlight, and its ready to connect. The turn signal bulb is not preinstalled, and you have to transfer the bulb and socket wiring from your factory headlight over to this one (thats easy). For those of you thinking about getting this headlight, even though it looks intimidating, dont worry as we include a 8 page installation instruction set with each headlight purchased at MP.

03-05 Neon/SRT4 Depo Projector Style headlight

Photos of final 2.4 Cam gears installed on SRT4 motor

For those of you who are following our MPx 2.4 cam gear project, heres an update!

We have taken the cam gears and installed them onto our SRT4 motor we are swapping into a 95 Nitro Yellow Green Neon ACR.

They fit great, look great, and most importantly, because of the latest revision, they are stronger than any other cam gear design. So,
if your concerned about cracking cam gears like some SRT4 owners have had, this shouldnt be a concern with the MPx 2.4 cam gears!

Here are some of the benefits of these cam gears over other brand 2.4 cam gears.

– Solid inner design means great strength, no having to worry about spokes breaking or cracking.
– These were designed so that you can use the factory plastic timing cover
– These were designed so that you DO NOT HAVE TO TRIM THE MOTOR MOUNT (unlike Fidanza)

Here are some photos of the cam gears installed.

MPx 2.4 Cam gears for SRT4 / Stratus / PT Cruiser

MPx 2.4 Cam gears for SRT4 / Stratus / PT Cruiser

MPx 2.4 Cam gears for SRT4 / Stratus / PT Cruiser

Link to the other threads showing prototype cam gears, and revision of the design:

We made a revision to the prototype 2.4 Cam Gears to strengthen them further

After posting some photos of our prototype 2.4 Cam gears we are designing for use with the 2.4 03-05 Dodge SRT4 and the 95-01 Dodge Stratus/Pt Cruiser with the 2.4 motor, we got feedback from some customers that they were concerned about installing cam gears on their cars due to failures of other brands of cam gears.

So, even though we had done some stress testing and failure analysis testing of our cam gears that showed there would be no problems, we decided to make our cam gears even stronger to put everyone at ease.

First off, we scrapped all of the inner sections that were already built for the 2.4 cam gear production. This is pretty costly to do, but we want customers who are considering the cam gears to have 100% faith in the strength of the cam gears.

So, here’s a photo of all of our machined cam gear inner sections in the recycle aluminum container at our machine shop.

Heres the revision we have come up with of our prototype cam gears. We have designed the cam gear so that the slots are only cut 40% into the thickness of the cam gear. This is a great design, because the cam gear is essentially a solid cam gear, however you have the look of a slotted cam gear, and the weight of the cam gear is reduced by the unnecessary aluminum being cut out.

MPx 2.4 SRT4/Stratus Cam Gear revision 2

We plan on having our full production run finished by next week, and we will test fit/take photos and make a follow up post then.

3 bar MAP Sensors now available for 03-05 Dodge SRT4

SRT4 3 bar MAP Sensor

Interested in getting a 3 bar map sensor for your high boost 03-05 Dodge SRT4 ?

Well, up until August 2009, we could get the 3 bar map sensors from Mopar that were used in the stage 2 and stage 3 kits. But, now that the stage 2 and stage 3 kits are discontinued, Mopar no longer offers the stage 2/3 map sensors.

So, to fill the need, we found another Mopar 3 bar map sensor that could be used, but the angle for the sensor was incorrect. So, a adaptor was made out of aluminum that would allow the new Mopar 3 bar map sensor to be mounted onto the 03-05 Dodge SRT4 intake manifold.

The adaptor has a male threaded port with a rubber o ring to seal itself tightly to the intake manifold, and its held securely onto the intake manifold with allen head screws.

Pictured below are photos of the map sensor and adapter installed onto a SRT4 intake manifold. Notice how the plug is facing upwards like the factory map sensor does, so the factory wiring is kept in place, unmodified. The primary reason this adaptor was designed was not only to make it easier to install, but to keep the wiring from having to be cut and extended. If the factory wiring is cut, the voltage output from the sensor will be modified, and could create incorrect readings from the map sensor to the PCM.

SRT4 3 bar MAP Sensor
SRT4 3 bar MAP Sensor

Product is in our shopping cart here:

Temporarily stopping of photo posting of Neon SRT4 swap..

For those of you following the SRT4 swap into the 95 Neon Ive got some bad news and some good news.

BAD NEWS: We’re stopping posting photos of the swap progress for a little while. Why you may ask ? Well, we have WAY WAY too many photos, and its going to take some time to organize it all, and post it.

GOOD NEWS: We’re making EXCELLENT progress with the swap car, and we’re not stopping! Just hang in there with us, we promise we’ll be posting the photos of our swap project soon.

MPx Underdrive pulley for 95-05 Neon, 03-05 SRT4 has been Revised/Improved!

Introducing the new VERSION2 MPx pulley for the 95-99 Neon. This pulley, is a redesign of the famous MPx pulley that has been out for the 95-99 Neon since 2001.

MPx Underdrive pulley Revision 2

This underdrive pulley creates more power over the stock pulley by reducing overall weight, and size of the crank pulley. This allows your car to rev faster, and overall be much more peppy.

We took the same measurements of our MPx pulley, machined out some material where we could to make it lighter, and then inserted a stainless steel center hub sleeve for maximum strength. The reason we switched to a stainless steel center hub was to improve the overall strength of the pulley, and to make it easier to remove.

Even though stainless steel weighs nearly 4 times the weight of aluminum for the same size, because of weight reduction and improvement in design of the pulley, we were able to increase the overall weight of the pulley by only .05 lbs, or 1/20th of a pound compared to the older design!

Older version on the left, revised pulley on the right
MPx Underdrive pulley Revision 2
MPx Underdrive pulley Revision 2

95-99 Neon MPx underdrive pulley REVISION2 with belts

00-05 Neon MPx underdrive pulley REVISION2 with belts :

03-05 SRT4 MPx underdrive pulley REVISION2 with belts

Diablosport Predator 03-05 SRT4 PACKAGE DEAL with PC USB Update kit now available!

Diablosport Predator 03-05 SRT4 WITH PC USB Update kit !

We’ve taken the Diablosport Predator, and the Diablosport Predator PC USB Update kit and packaged them both together to save you money and TIME !

Why are we offering them both together, when most other companies offer them individually ?

Well, all of the Predators we have sold recently have come from the factory needing a software flash update. So, for customers that have ordered a Diablosport Predator all by itself, they would receive them from us, try to flash their factory pcm, and then get the message that their Predator needs to be updated. They could not complete the pcm flash then, and would have to order the Predator USB Update kit to flash their Predator, wait a few days to get the pc update kit, and then flash their predator with the new software and then flash their factory SRT4 pcm.

So to save our customers time, and to make sure that when you get the Diablosport Predator for your 03-05 SRT4 you can flash your SRT4 pcm immediately, we are now packaging the update kit along with the predator.

And, for a limited time, we are offering both as a package price to save you money!

Heres the link to the package:

2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 owners – notice oil in your uppipe, or intercooler ?

2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 owners – notice oil in your uppipe, or intercooler ?

We got a call from a customer today that was a new owner, and he had never heard about how the 2003-2005 SRT-4 has a common oil leak from the PCV valve/ Breathers on the valve cover.

He was shocked to find about a 1/4 cup of oil inside his uppipe between the throttle body and his intercooler and was afraid his motor piston ring seals were blown.

Theres no way to prevent this from happening inside the motor, but there is a way to prevent your entire piping system, throttle body being coated in oil. You need a catch can.

A catch can is a canister that will trap the oil coming from the breather systems, but yet allow vacuum to still flow correctly.

For more details on the catch cans that MP carries, visit the site through the link below.

Click here to see the catch cans that we have listed on our site.

Greddy Catch Can installed onto a 2003 Dodge SRT4