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Putting a large turbo on your Neon SRT4 ? Installing a header on your 95-05 Neon ? Use these!

Anytime you are installing a new component like a new larger turbo on  your 03-05 Dodge SRT4, or a new header on  your 95-05 Neon, you should consider installing ARP Exhaust studs.

ARP Exhaust studs for 95-99 Neon and 03-05 SRT4

Why ? Well, each time you remove and reinstall a screw into the head of your engine, you increase the chances of stripping out the threads, and furthermore the ARP studs are stronger! The ARP studs, because they are forged, can handle a lot more weight than your typical bolt!

The way these work, is you thread the studs into the head just like a normal exhaust bolt. You use a allen key to thread the stud into place as the stud has a allen key receptacle on the end of it. After tightening down the stud, you then put the new component onto the stud, and then torque down the nut onto the stud.

Heres a photo of a few of the ARP studs threaded into a head.

ARP Exhaust studs installed into a 03-05 SRT4 head

Why you should keep your cam gear cover on your motor

2004 SRT4 with snapped timing belt

The photo above is of a 2004 Dodge SRT4, and you may wonder why the engine is sitting at an angle.

The reason is, the customer that owns this car has a very modified engine, larger turbo, cams, and cam gears. Most owners of cars who install cam gears typically leave the cam gear covers off so that they can adjust the cam gears easily.

The problem with leaving the plastic cam gear covers off, is your timing belt and other timing accesories can be damaged. In this particular case, the customers power steering belt flew off, somehow got lodged into the timing belt assembly and destroyed the timing belt. Thankfully the 03-05 SRT4 is a non interference motor that in case the timing belt breaks the valves wont slam into the pistons, and this customer had no engine damage because of his timing belt failing.

The 2.0 Neon motor from 1995-2005 are all interference motors so if your timing belt fails, then the valves will crash into the pistons and cause catastrophic damage.

MPx Neon 2.4 Motor swap Power Steering brackets finally all cut !Off to powdercoaters now!

MPx Neon 2.4 swap Power Steering brackets finally cut

The MPx Neon 2.4 Motor swap Power Steering brackets are all finally cut ! PHew, that took a long time! Now they are all off to the powdercoaters to be powdercoated black.

Thank you guys for all your patience on this, we have been working hard to get these in for some time! We’re on the home stretch now!

Previous blog posts about the 2.4 power steering bracket:

Photos of final 2.4 Cam gears installed on SRT4 motor

For those of you who are following our MPx 2.4 cam gear project, heres an update!

We have taken the cam gears and installed them onto our SRT4 motor we are swapping into a 95 Nitro Yellow Green Neon ACR.

They fit great, look great, and most importantly, because of the latest revision, they are stronger than any other cam gear design. So,
if your concerned about cracking cam gears like some SRT4 owners have had, this shouldnt be a concern with the MPx 2.4 cam gears!

Here are some of the benefits of these cam gears over other brand 2.4 cam gears.

– Solid inner design means great strength, no having to worry about spokes breaking or cracking.
– These were designed so that you can use the factory plastic timing cover
– These were designed so that you DO NOT HAVE TO TRIM THE MOTOR MOUNT (unlike Fidanza)

Here are some photos of the cam gears installed.

MPx 2.4 Cam gears for SRT4 / Stratus / PT Cruiser

MPx 2.4 Cam gears for SRT4 / Stratus / PT Cruiser

MPx 2.4 Cam gears for SRT4 / Stratus / PT Cruiser

Link to the other threads showing prototype cam gears, and revision of the design:

We made a revision to the prototype 2.4 Cam Gears to strengthen them further

After posting some photos of our prototype 2.4 Cam gears we are designing for use with the 2.4 03-05 Dodge SRT4 and the 95-01 Dodge Stratus/Pt Cruiser with the 2.4 motor, we got feedback from some customers that they were concerned about installing cam gears on their cars due to failures of other brands of cam gears.

So, even though we had done some stress testing and failure analysis testing of our cam gears that showed there would be no problems, we decided to make our cam gears even stronger to put everyone at ease.

First off, we scrapped all of the inner sections that were already built for the 2.4 cam gear production. This is pretty costly to do, but we want customers who are considering the cam gears to have 100% faith in the strength of the cam gears.

So, here’s a photo of all of our machined cam gear inner sections in the recycle aluminum container at our machine shop.

Heres the revision we have come up with of our prototype cam gears. We have designed the cam gear so that the slots are only cut 40% into the thickness of the cam gear. This is a great design, because the cam gear is essentially a solid cam gear, however you have the look of a slotted cam gear, and the weight of the cam gear is reduced by the unnecessary aluminum being cut out.

MPx 2.4 SRT4/Stratus Cam Gear revision 2

We plan on having our full production run finished by next week, and we will test fit/take photos and make a follow up post then.

Photo of prototype MPx 2.4 Cam Gears for 03-05 SRT4 and 2.4 Stratus/Breeze/PT Cruiser motors

MPx 2.4 Cam Gear for 03-05 Dodge SRT4 and 2.4 Stratus/Breeze

Feast your eyes on the prototype MPx 2.4 Cam gear for the 03-05 SRT4, 95-99 Dodge Stratus/Breeze/01-07 Pt Cruiser and GT Cruiser.

After dealing with some quality issues with various cam gears, and long delays with some manufacturers, we decided to step up to the plate.

We took aim with three goals in mind 1) Improve on the quality of the cam gears currently in the market. 2) Improve on the pricing of the cam gear sets for the SRT4/Stratus/Breeze/Pt Cruiser and 3) Improve on the availability of the cam gears in the market. We cannot accept manufacturers being out of stock of cam gears for 1.5 – 3 months!


We designed these cam gears to be ULTRA STRONG – you cant see it in the photo above, but the center section of the cam gear is ultra thick and strong. Also, whereas some cam gear manufacturers use locking systems with thin aluminum inner sections, we designed ours with thick inner sections that the adjustment screws thread into. We improved on the track where the adjustment bolt rides on by making it extra wide, and using bolts with extra wide heads for superior strength. Lastly, we use grade 8 bolts for the adjustment screws, and we anodize all of the wear surfaces and aluminum machined surfaces with a hard coat for protection and durability.


We designed the cam gear to look great, when its moving, and or when its sitting still.


Youll be amazed at the affordable price for this great looking, super strong pair of cam gears!

We’ll update you when these become available in the next week or two!

Update on the Neon 2.4 Power Steering bracket production

For those of you 1995-1999 Neon owners who want to do a Stratus 2.4 motor swap, Modern Performance is close to making your swap easier!

Our super strong, 1/4 inch thick steel Power Steering bracket is just about ready for sale.

We’ve had 100 brackets water jet cut in solid 1/4 inch thick steel. Next step is to have them powdercoated in black to protect them against rust, and make them look really good. So, as of this blog post, we expect to have our 2.4 swap Power Steering brackets finished and ready to sell in about 2 – 2.5 weeks.

Our original blog post is here :

95-99 Neon 2.4 motor swap Power Steering bracket close to completion!!

This has taken quite a bit of time, but we are now on the home stretch of finishing this 2.4 swap bracket for Power Steering on the 95-99 Neon.

For those of you not familiar with this piece, we have made this bracket for 95-99 Neon owners who are doing 2.4 motor swaps from the Dodge Stratus/Chrysler Cirrus/Plymouth Breeze into their 95-99 Neon.

One problem guys will have when they swap the 2.4 into their car, is that the Neon bracket doesnt work, and you need to get a bracket from a PT cruiser and modify it so that it will work with the Neon power steering bracket. Now, the problem with using the PT bracket, is that it needs to be modified, and even AFTER modifying it to, it frequently breaks due to vibration, resonance and poor bracing.

We at MP have several 2.4 swapped Neons, and we have continued to have problems with the PT cruiser bracket braking, and flexing due to the bracing problem. So, we decided to make a 2.4 swap bracket that will NEVER break and will be super strong, but yet also make it easy to adjust the power steering pump.

This bracket is made from 1/5 inch thick steel and is cut with a water jet. Water jetting creates a extremely accurate cut, which allows for precisely fitted pieces, and perfect slots for the bolts to slide for adjusting the power steering pump.

Neon 2.4 swap power steering bracket

Take a look at how thick the material is. Once this is welded up into the assembled bracket, it will not flex, or bend, or break at all.

Neon 95-99 2.4 swap power steering bracket

This is a mockup of the pieces, and what it will look like once its all welded up. Ultimately, after we weld up all of the pieces, the bracket will be powdercoated black so it will never rust or corrode.

Neon 95-99 2.4 swap power steering bracket

More updates to come! If you have a 2.4 swap, or are planning on it, get ready, we are VERY close to releasing these brackets for sale !!