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Second gen power steering and AC system with automatic belt tensioner system installed on 1998 Dodge Neon ACR with 2.4 swap.

Progress! We recently bought Alex Lopez’s 1998 Neon with 2.4 Swap. It came with a built motor but no power steering and we wanted power steering. So, we gave it some thought and decided to go ahead and figure out a way to install the automatic belt tensioner system and second gen power steering pump and reservoir. We really like how the second gen power steering system has the reservoir built in, which allows for more room behind the motor, and no power steering lines running back and forth around the cam gears to the reservoir.

Our goal is to later offer the necessary brackets for you to be able to install the second gen pump and reservoir in your first gen.

So, here is our first startup video. You’ll hear a high pitch vacuum leak, this is from the throttle body, please disregard that noise and just check out the sweetness of the power steering on our high compression 2.4 swap.

Next up we are going to be putting in a lightweight and smaller battery to make room for the air intake system.

Cory's 1998 Dodge Neon ACR with 2.4 Swap and 2gn belt tensioner/power steering system from Modernperformance.com on Vimeo.

Check out this bone stock 98 Plymouth ACR Platinum Coupe our good friend Alex just bought.

A good friend of ours named Alex Lopez has been looking for a first gen Neon to buy over the last few months. Alex worked for Modern Performance from 2002-2006, he’s a US Army, two tour veteran of Iraq, as well as a Neon enthusiast, and hes owned 2 previous Neons.

About a week ago, while browsing ads on craigslist.com, I came across a Platinum 98 Plymouth Neon Coupe. It had the 5 spoke sport wheels, no spoiler, no side molding, and no fog lights. It also had the Dohc bulge hood and was listed as a manual. With some further checking, I found out it was a ACR ! For those of you not familiar with the ACR, its a special factory package that deleted the spoiler, side moldings, fog lights, and put in a tighter steering rack than regular Neons. On the suspension side, it had Koni adjustable struts, and higher rate springs than a normal Neon.

The 98 ACR was listed like this: Neon, Manual, AC works well, 124k, $1700.

After seeing the ad, I was tempted to buy the car myself JUST so that it wouldnt be bought by someone who couldnt appreciate it. After showing it to several employees, and our good friend Alex, he immediately went, test drove the car, and bought it !

Anyways, onto the photos.

Here it is, with steel wheels on the front, ACR/SPORT wheels on the rear.

1998 Plymouth Neon Platinum ACR Coupe
1998 Plymouth Neon Platinum ACR Coupe

The leather wrapped steering wheel is covered by a AutoZone plastic ribbed cover. Otherwise, bone stock.

1998 Plymouth Neon Platinum ACR Coupe

I LOVE THIS PHOTO. Koni Adjustment knob in a sealed factory package. Amazing that, after 11 years, this was not thrown away, or even opened once to adjust the Konis.
1998 Plymouth Neon Platinum ACR Coupe
1998 Plymouth Neon Platinum ACR Coupe
1998 Plymouth Neon Platinum ACR Coupe
1998 Plymouth Neon Platinum ACR Coupe

At this time, Alex wants to install coilovers, new wheels and do some maintenance. As time goes on, we will post updates in this blog on Alex’s new 98 Neon ACR.