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Caliber SRT-4 owners – difference between Mopar stage 1 and Aem FIC packages.

Caliber SRT-4 owners – difference between Mopar stage 1 and Aem FIC packages.

We’ve gotten a good amount of questions from 08-09 Caliber SRT-4 owners asking us what the difference is between the Mopar stage 1 upgrade package and the AEM FIC.

The difference boils down to what your ultimate goal power wise.

If your happy with 320-330 horsepower at the engine, and a maximum of 15 psi, then the Mopar stage 1 kit is a great kit that improves throttle response and increases boost and power.

If you want more than 320-330 horsepower, and more than 15 psi of boost, then youll have to move to a AEM FIC kit. Why ? Well, it has to do with the PCM and the drive by wire system. The pcm will try to regulate boost level to limit torque steer and maintain smooth drivability. Therefore, if you are giving 100% throttle with the gas pedal, and you go over 15 psi, (or any boost level that the PCM is programmed to not allow the engine to exceed) then the pcm will cut back on the throttle to regulate the boost pressure.

Example: You have a boost controller on your 08 Caliber SRT-4, and want to do 18 psi. As soon as you floor the car, and are giving 100% throttle and exceed say 15 psi, the pcm will cut the throttle back to 60-70% to regulate the boost level to 15 psi.

The way to bypass this from happening, is to limit the voltage from the map sensor going to the pcm. The AEM FIC will do that for you, and then you can increase the boost level in your car to whatever you desire because the pcm thinks that your running at say 14 psi. The major problem with you running say, 20 psi, when the pcm is seeing 14 psi, is that the pcm will only deliver 14 psi worth of fuel, therefore making the car run excessively lean. The other major benefit of the FIC is that it will control fuel, so you can use the FIC to deliver extra fuel to make up for the pcm not putting out enough fuel.

Wiring up the FIC involves quite a bit of work. The FIC has MAP sensor inputs, and output (to modify the map sensor voltage), the FIC has input and outputs for the injector wiring, an more.

After the FIC is wired up, youll need to then use a laptop to program the FIC for the fuel curve as well.

So, as you can see, there is quite a bit of work involved. However, there is also QUITE A bit of power that can be made with the FIC as well!

More information on the AEM FIC here:


More information on the Caliber Mopar Stage 1 kit here:


Fluttering noise after installing a blow off valve on a Neon SRT-4, Caliber SRT-4 or Turbo Cobalt? Read further.

For those of you who hear a fluttering noise after installing a blow off valve in your Dodge Neon SRT-4, Caliber SRT-4, Turbo Cobalt, Turbo Neon, etc, read further.

The common perception of a blow off valve noise, is a solid WHOOSHING noise. In most scenarios, that is the case, HOWEVER, there are some important things to consider in the normal operation of a blow off valve.

First, lets give you a full background on a blow off valve. A blow off valve is a vacuum operated device, that seals the pressure piping when the car is in positive boost pressure, and at times of vacuum, opens and releases pressurized air. For those of you who may not know why a blow off valve does this, you have to consider a turbocharger, spinning at tens of thousands of rpm, being driven by the exhaust gases of the motor. When you shift gears, you release the throttle, and the throttle plate closes briefly. When your throttle plate closes briefly, the turbocharger is continuing to spin, and send pressurized air towards the throttle body. If there was no blow off valve to release the pressurized air when the throttle plate closes, then pressurized air would be sent towards the throttle plate, and either damage the throttle plate, OR worse, could damage the turbo by trying to spin the compressor side of the turbo backwards.

So, the blow off valve, is used to protect your turbocharger, and throttle body primarily, and as a side benefit it makes a cool whistling noise.

Now, back to first time turbo owners and how they assume the blow off valve makes a constant whoosh noise. Since the blow off valve is a vacuum operated device, its operation will be dependent on the boost level within the motor. If your motor has 15 psi when the throttle plate is closed, then the blow off valve will release a LOT of air, making a nice solid whoosh noise. If your motor has 2-3 psi when the throttle plate is closed, then the blow off valve wont make much of a noise, and it will actually make a fluttering noise as the blow off valve internal piston moves back and forth, not fully closing or opening.

So im summary, fluttering is very normal and nothing to worry about, AS LONG as the blow off valve functions correctly when your in higher boost levels. NOW if your blow off valve never makes a solid whoosh noise, more than likely you have a damaged vacuum line, or your car has a boost leak, or some other turbo related problem.

How to adjust a wastegate actuator on a 03-05 SRT-4 or 08+ Caliber SRT-4

We get a lot of calls from customers about wastegate actuators, how they work, and asking how to adjust them for different boost levels.

This post will be a explanation of how a wastegate actuator works, and then we will discuss how to adjust the wastegate actuator to your desired boost level.

First off, for those of you who may not be familiar with the inner workings of a turbo, a wastegate can be designed two ways. Most commonly found on factory turbos is the internal wastegate (what we will be discussing here) and the external wastegate. The internal wastegate is a bypass that allows exhaust gases to be routed past the turbo.  The sole purpose of the wastegate is to regulate the amount of exhaust flowing through the turbo, therefore controlling the boost pressure the turbo is putting out.

In this photo, youll see the wastegate flap on the left, and the fins on the exhaust side of the turbo. Normally the wastegate flap will be closed, therefore pushing the exhaust gases out through the exhaust side of the turbo, therefore building up boost.

The wastegate actuator, is a pressure device, that once it reaches a certain pressure (8, 10, 15 psi) will activate, and open the wastegate flap. When the wastegate flap opens, exhaust is routed around the turbo, therefore creating a consistent boost pressure output from the turbo.

So, now that we’ve explained all of that, lets get into more details of the wastegate actuator. Since the wastegate actuator controls the boost level, making adjustments to the wastegate will directly change the level of boost! If you want MORE boost pressure, then youll need to make it so that the wastegate actuator opens up later than normal, or shortening the wastegate rod so that it pulls on the wastegate flap harder.

If you want less boost, lengthen the rod so that it will open the wastegate sooner.

Heres a photo of a AGP Wastegate actuator for the 03-05 SRT-4. In this photo you can see that the end of the wastegate is adjustable, and you can make it longer or shorter to adjust the boost levels.

03-05 Dodge SRT-4 Wastegate Actuator

A Caliber SRT-4 and a swimsuit model in Miami…

I came across this webpage through a Caliber enthusiast site that had photos of a swimsuit model and as soon as I saw them I  knew I had to share them with you guys.  The models name is Nayer, and the photo shoot looks to be taken in beautiful Miami with a Inferno Red Dodge Caliber SRT-4. So, Ive saved a few photos to post on here (in case the webpage that they are hosted on ever goes down or is deleted, etc) and have provided a link. .


Dodge Caliber SRT-4 and a swimsuit model

Dodge Caliber SRT-4 and a hot swimsuit model

Dodge Caliber SRT-4 and a hot swimsuit model

Dodge Caliber SRT-4 and a hot swimsuit model

Heres the link to the site hosting the images. Hopefully they dont take them down anytime soon!
Click here

Additional photos of the MPx Caliber SRT-4 Intercooler

For a while, we only had one image posted of the MPx Intercooler for the Caliber SRT-4 and it didnt do a good job of displaying the quality of the MPx intercooler.

So, to better show the quality of the cast end tanks and the welds, we took some photos to post on the site.

One thing to notice in these photos, is the consistency of the welds holding the inner core to the cast end tanks. Another thing that you should know is that most manufacturers of intercoolers use aluminum sheet, bend the sheet and then weld it all together. The problem with this style of fabrication is that the more welds you have, the higher chance of leaking. When we use cast end tanks, we have a solid, very strong piece that only has welds holding it to the inner core, making it very strong.

Here they are:

Caliber SRT-4 MPx intercooler Cast End tanks

Caliber SRT4 MPx intercooler Cast End tanks

Heres a photo of our Caliber SRT4 with the MPx Intercooler installed:
2008 Caliber SRT-4 with MPx intercooler installed

Received a LOT of Caliber SRT-4 and Neon SRT-4 Mopar Stage 1 kits today.

Modern Performance is a DIRECT Mopar Performance parts warehouse distributor, and therefore we stock a lot of Mopar goodies for the Dodge Neon, Neon SRT-4, and Caliber SRT-4.

Mopar has confirmed with us that we sell more Stage 1 turbo upgrade kits than any other dealer nationwide, so when we get deliveries from Mopar we usually get a LOT at once!

Heres a batch of nearly 50 Mopar stage 1 kits for the 2008+ Caliber SRT-4 that we received today.

Caliber SRT-4 and Neon SRT-4 Mopar Stage 1 kits

Not familiar with the Mopar stage 1 for the Caliber SRT-4 and want to find out more? Click here.

Several new T Shirts in the pipeline.. (Neon SRT-4, Caliber SRT-4, Cobalt SS)

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up..

We’re in the process of adding quite a few new T shirts to our line of T shirts we currently sell.

We’ll have several new 03-05 Dodge SRT-4 shirts, a Caliber SRT4 shirt, a Cobalt SS shirt coming out.Id estimate these to be out in about 2-3 weeks.

They look awesome and we cant wait to release them to you guys!

Stay tuned! We’ll post up photos and more details as we get a little bit closer to releasing them!

Once they come in, they will be added to our existing line of T shirts that are listed here (Click here)