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Temporarily stopping of photo posting of Neon SRT4 swap..

For those of you following the SRT4 swap into the 95 Neon Ive got some bad news and some good news.

BAD NEWS: We’re stopping posting photos of the swap progress for a little while. Why you may ask ? Well, we have WAY WAY too many photos, and its going to take some time to organize it all, and post it.

GOOD NEWS: We’re making EXCELLENT progress with the swap car, and we’re not stopping! Just hang in there with us, we promise we’ll be posting the photos of our swap project soon.

2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 owners – notice oil in your uppipe, or intercooler ?

2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 owners – notice oil in your uppipe, or intercooler ?

We got a call from a customer today that was a new owner, and he had never heard about how the 2003-2005 SRT-4 has a common oil leak from the PCV valve/ Breathers on the valve cover.

He was shocked to find about a 1/4 cup of oil inside his uppipe between the throttle body and his intercooler and was afraid his motor piston ring seals were blown.

Theres no way to prevent this from happening inside the motor, but there is a way to prevent your entire piping system, throttle body being coated in oil. You need a catch can.

A catch can is a canister that will trap the oil coming from the breather systems, but yet allow vacuum to still flow correctly.

For more details on the catch cans that MP carries, visit the site through the link below.

Click here to see the catch cans that we have listed on our site.

Greddy Catch Can installed onto a 2003 Dodge SRT4

We put our SRT4 donor car on the dyno to see how well the engine is running..

Today we took our SRT-4 donor car and put it on a dyno see how much power it would put down at the wheels.

Now, keep in mind, that here in Houston, Texas it was about 105 degrees, and about 80% humidity, so it hot, and sticky. Humans dont like high temperatures or humidity, and turbo motors dont like high temperatures or humidity.

Neon SRT-4 on the Dyno

Because the SRT-4 had a set of factory wires that had to be at least 5 years old, we decided to try out a new set of wires and toss in some new spark plugs.

Heres the new NGK Iridium plugs versus the older NGK R plugs. We strongly prefer the Iridium plugs over any other sort of plug, and Iridiums run very well in Neon SRT4’s. We gapped the Iridium plugs to 38 thousandths before installing them.
NGK Iridium Plugs versus NGK R plugs for 2004 Neon SRT4

Here are the new Granatelli Spark Plug Wires versus the older factory wires.
Granatelli wires versus Factory OEM wires for the 2004 Neon SRT4

Here is a photo with the Granatelli wires installed on our SRT4
Granatelli Spark Plug Wires for the Dodge SRT-4

After installing the new Granatelli wires and Ngk Iridium plugs, we decided to flash the stock pcm with a Diablosport Predator for kicks on the dyno.

Heres the results: Stock 207 hp, new plugs and wires 216 hp, and after flashing our pcm with the Diablosport Predator the horsepower was 228 at the wheels. With the heat, and mixed 89/93 octane gas we had some detonation above 5000 rpms.


Red-New Granatelli wires and NGK Iridium plugs

Green- New Granatelli wires, NGK Iridium plugs, and Diablosport Predator flash

Dodge Neon SRT4 Dyno - Stock, NGK Iridium Plugs, Granatelli Wires, Diablosport Predator

Heres the Torque Dynosheet. Here you can see we picked up quite a bit of torque across the board. Torque falls off pretty fast on the top end, due to detonation causing the factory pcm to pull back timing, as well as the stock intake, downpipe, and 2.25 inch exhaust choking off the top end power.

Pretty impressive dyno results for a bone stock SRT-4 with a Diablosport Predator flash isnt it ? If we had intake, exhaust, wastegate actuator we would have been somewhere in the 250-260 horsepower range if not more!


Red-New Granatelli wires and NGK Iridium plugs

Green- New Granatelli wires, NGK Iridium plugs, and Diablosport Predator flash
Dodge Neon SRT4 Dyno - Stock, NGK Iridium Plugs, Granatelli Wires, Diablosport Predator

AGP Uppipe Replacement Temperature sensors now in stock for 03-05 SRT-4

AGP Uppipe Temperature Sensor for 03-05 Dodge  SRT-4

Because so many of you 03-05 Neon SRT-4 customers asked for these, we are now keeping them IN stock for immediate shipment!

This part is designed to replace your AGP uppipe thread in sensor, OR for those of you who want to install a thread in type sensor on your uppipe so that your factory style sensor stops blowing off or leaking.

The factory (and all other aftermarket) Air Intake Temperature (IAT) sensor is held into the upper intercooler hose with a grommet. These sensors tend to blow out at higher than factory boost levels. The best way to fix this problem, is to purchase one of our temp sensor kits.

The new IAT sensor is designed to be a direct replacement for the factory’s PCM to get an accurate reading, without blowing out and causing a big boost leak. The sensor’s body utilizes a 1/4-28 thread pattern and screws into the supplied bung. Splice the two wires into your factory harness, and you’re good to go.

The bung will need to welded or affixed to your existing intercooler pipe.

Link to the AGP sensor in our shopping cart is here:


03-05 Dodge SRT-4 owners – The Diablosport Trinity is here!!

Diablosport Trinity Programmer / Monitor for the 03-05 Dodge SRT-4

The new Diablosport Trinity is out for the 2003-2005 Dodge SRT-4!

This device allows you to connect it to your car within seconds via the OBD2 port, and gives you all of this and more:

-Virtual gauge monitoring system that allows you to view dozens of engine parameters (oil temp, oil pressure, boost level, miles per gallon, knock, etc)

-PCM Flasher which allows you to load performance programs onto your pcm for increased boost and performance. Or, you can custom tune your own program with the unit.

-Check engine code diagnostics – find out why your check engine light is on, and erase the codes as well !

-0-60mph, 1/4 mile, 1/8th mile testing system – allows you to test your cars performance and see what your performance figures are!

Few screenshots : (It has DOZENS of customizable screen views)
Diablosport Trinity Screenshot
Diablosport Trinity Screenshot
Diablosport Trinity Screenshot

Click here for more information on this awesome piece!

Neon SRT-4 Injector cover meltdown..

Neon SRT-4 Injector Cover meltdown

A customer sent us his Neon SRT-4 Injector cover that was painted, and due to underhood engine heat it bubbled and flaked off.

Lesson learned from this experiment: if you ever paint any underhood components of your engine bay, MAKE SURE They can tolerate the heat.

Powdercoat will usually last FAR longer and be much more durable than regular spray paint, so if you have access to a local powdercoater, then go that route!

We’re bringing in a new radiator for the 03-05 Neon SRT-4 from Mishimoto.

We’ll be introducing a new radiator for the 03-05 Dodge Neon SRT-4 here in the next few days.

This radiator will be a perfect factory replacement, all aluminum core, and end tanks.

It will be a more efficient core than the factory radiator core, and most importantly it will be a LOT cheaper than the factory radiator from Mopar.

The factory radiator will cost about $310-$340 from your local dealership, this radiator will be priced at about $235 or so.

More pictures and details to come later.

How to adjust a wastegate actuator on a 03-05 SRT-4 or 08+ Caliber SRT-4

We get a lot of calls from customers about wastegate actuators, how they work, and asking how to adjust them for different boost levels.

This post will be a explanation of how a wastegate actuator works, and then we will discuss how to adjust the wastegate actuator to your desired boost level.

First off, for those of you who may not be familiar with the inner workings of a turbo, a wastegate can be designed two ways. Most commonly found on factory turbos is the internal wastegate (what we will be discussing here) and the external wastegate. The internal wastegate is a bypass that allows exhaust gases to be routed past the turbo.  The sole purpose of the wastegate is to regulate the amount of exhaust flowing through the turbo, therefore controlling the boost pressure the turbo is putting out.

In this photo, youll see the wastegate flap on the left, and the fins on the exhaust side of the turbo. Normally the wastegate flap will be closed, therefore pushing the exhaust gases out through the exhaust side of the turbo, therefore building up boost.

The wastegate actuator, is a pressure device, that once it reaches a certain pressure (8, 10, 15 psi) will activate, and open the wastegate flap. When the wastegate flap opens, exhaust is routed around the turbo, therefore creating a consistent boost pressure output from the turbo.

So, now that we’ve explained all of that, lets get into more details of the wastegate actuator. Since the wastegate actuator controls the boost level, making adjustments to the wastegate will directly change the level of boost! If you want MORE boost pressure, then youll need to make it so that the wastegate actuator opens up later than normal, or shortening the wastegate rod so that it pulls on the wastegate flap harder.

If you want less boost, lengthen the rod so that it will open the wastegate sooner.

Heres a photo of a AGP Wastegate actuator for the 03-05 SRT-4. In this photo you can see that the end of the wastegate is adjustable, and you can make it longer or shorter to adjust the boost levels.

03-05 Dodge SRT-4 Wastegate Actuator

A Caliber SRT-4 and a swimsuit model in Miami…

I came across this webpage through a Caliber enthusiast site that had photos of a swimsuit model and as soon as I saw them I  knew I had to share them with you guys.  The models name is Nayer, and the photo shoot looks to be taken in beautiful Miami with a Inferno Red Dodge Caliber SRT-4. So, Ive saved a few photos to post on here (in case the webpage that they are hosted on ever goes down or is deleted, etc) and have provided a link. .


Dodge Caliber SRT-4 and a swimsuit model

Dodge Caliber SRT-4 and a hot swimsuit model

Dodge Caliber SRT-4 and a hot swimsuit model

Dodge Caliber SRT-4 and a hot swimsuit model

Heres the link to the site hosting the images. Hopefully they dont take them down anytime soon!
Click here

MP ships International orders daily – Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, etc!

Shipments of Neon, Caliber, SRT4 parts to Canada, APO/FPO, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska

Just a reminder for those of you outside the USA.

For your Neon, Neon SRT-4, Caliber SRT-4, Cobalt parts needs, MP can surely help you.

Our website is designed to easily quote you shipping costs for packages, and we have a employee who does nothing but handles our international orders. That way you can get your order as fast as possible, with no delays. Our international shipping employee knows what forms are neccesary to get your package there with no customs delays as well, so theres no suprises, delays, etc.

Heres a picture of a pile of packages our US Postal clerk picks up from us on an average day. In this pile we have packages going by US Postal Service to Canada, APO/FPO, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and even parts of Europe. This is not a special occasion, we ship daily outside the USA!

Furthermore, we have setup a special email address for those of you outside of the USA who have questions about ordering, shipping delivery questions, etc. You can email our international shipping representative by emailing us at international AT modernperformance.com

Pics of SRT-4/Neon/Caliber SRT/Cobalt meet at Modern Performance 10-25-08

We never had a place to post photos from this SRT-4/Neon/Cobalt meet on our site, but now that we have a blog, we decided to post them for your enjoyment here.

This was a pretty successful meet with about 40-45 Dodge SRT-4’s, Dodge Neons, Chevy Cobalt SS’s (super and turbo) as well as Dodge Caliber SRT4’s.

I cant post all 40+ photos here at once, but Ill post as many as possible!

First pic: Lots of Dodge SRT-4’s, Dodge Neons and Caliber SRT-4’s in this pic. NO, the Telephone company truck was not part of the meet! Hehe.
Modern Performance car meet 10-25-08

In this photo you can see our 24 hours of Lemons Neon Race car parked right next to our Caliber SRT-4 project car.
Modern Performance car meet - 24 hours of lemons race car, Caliber SRT-4

Lots of Neon SRT-4’s !
Lots of Neon SRT-4's at Modern Performance car meet

Really good looking silver Dodge Caliber SRT4
Good looking Dodge Caliber SRT4 at Modern Performance Car meet

Dodge Caliber SRT4 Halo Projector headlights

Silver Dodge SRT4 with Motegi wheels and Wilwood big brake kit
Motegi Wheels on Silver Dodge SRT4 with Wilwood big brake kit

Well done car..
Smooth Black Dodge SRT-4

Another Black SRT4, except this one had a bunch of underhood flat black painted pieces..
Black SRT4 at Modern Performance meet

AGP 50 trim kit, return line fuel system, flat black trimmed pieces. This guy was all go, no show.
AGP 50 trim kit Black Dodge SRT-4

This is one of the sharpest 98/99 Neon R/T’s Ive ever seen. Plus, its done well with serious power, and great looks. This car is owned by Patrick Ohara, who moved to Houston from Detroit around early 2008.

98 Dodge Neon R/T with Hahn Turbo kit

98 Dodge Neon R/T with Hahn Turbo Kit

This is one of the best looking Dodge SRT-4’s in the Houston area. This ones owned by Paco from Rosenberg Texas. Hes got a Fiber Images F1 hood, Kaminari front lip, nice wheels, and LOTS of detail put into under the hood.
Best looking 03-05 Dodge SRT4 in Houston area!

Built motor with Crane Cams, Unorthodox cam gears, Aem intake, Powdercoated valve cover, Painted intake manifold, everything looks great. Look how even the AC lines are polished!!
Built motor, Highly detailed Dodge SRT-4

Lowered with BC coilovers, Paco’s car has an aggresive stance! The wheels have the perfect offset, and hes finished off the look with a Caliber SRT4 badge on the door of his 04 Dodge SRT4.
04 Dodge SRT-4 with coilovers and wheels

Ok, thats enough photos to post for now! Ill post more photos in another few days.

Batch of 03-05 Dodge SRT4 Throttle Bodies with Spacers

We received a batch of MPx Throttle Body with spacer for the 03-05 Neon SRT4 the other day from our machinist.

With each batch of the throttle bodies we get in, we do some final assembly, and quality test each throttle body to ensure perfect operation and fitment.

This was a cool photo opportunity, so we snapped this photo to share with you guys..

MPx Throttle Body for 03-05 SRT4

More photos and information here:
03-05 Dodge SRT4 MPx throttle body and spacer