Pics of SRT-4/Neon/Caliber SRT/Cobalt meet at Modern Performance 10-25-08

We never had a place to post photos from this SRT-4/Neon/Cobalt meet on our site, but now that we have a blog, we decided to post them for your enjoyment here.

This was a pretty successful meet with about 40-45 Dodge SRT-4’s, Dodge Neons, Chevy Cobalt SS’s (super and turbo) as well as Dodge Caliber SRT4’s.

I cant post all 40+ photos here at once, but Ill post as many as possible!

First pic: Lots of Dodge SRT-4’s, Dodge Neons and Caliber SRT-4’s in this pic. NO, the Telephone company truck was not part of the meet! Hehe.
Modern Performance car meet 10-25-08

In this photo you can see our 24 hours of Lemons Neon Race car parked right next to our Caliber SRT-4 project car.
Modern Performance car meet - 24 hours of lemons race car, Caliber SRT-4

Lots of Neon SRT-4’s !
Lots of Neon SRT-4's at Modern Performance car meet

Really good looking silver Dodge Caliber SRT4
Good looking Dodge Caliber SRT4 at Modern Performance Car meet

Dodge Caliber SRT4 Halo Projector headlights

Silver Dodge SRT4 with Motegi wheels and Wilwood big brake kit
Motegi Wheels on Silver Dodge SRT4 with Wilwood big brake kit

Well done car..
Smooth Black Dodge SRT-4

Another Black SRT4, except this one had a bunch of underhood flat black painted pieces..
Black SRT4 at Modern Performance meet

AGP 50 trim kit, return line fuel system, flat black trimmed pieces. This guy was all go, no show.
AGP 50 trim kit Black Dodge SRT-4

This is one of the sharpest 98/99 Neon R/T’s Ive ever seen. Plus, its done well with serious power, and great looks. This car is owned by Patrick Ohara, who moved to Houston from Detroit around early 2008.

98 Dodge Neon R/T with Hahn Turbo kit

98 Dodge Neon R/T with Hahn Turbo Kit

This is one of the best looking Dodge SRT-4’s in the Houston area. This ones owned by Paco from Rosenberg Texas. Hes got a Fiber Images F1 hood, Kaminari front lip, nice wheels, and LOTS of detail put into under the hood.
Best looking 03-05 Dodge SRT4 in Houston area!

Built motor with Crane Cams, Unorthodox cam gears, Aem intake, Powdercoated valve cover, Painted intake manifold, everything looks great. Look how even the AC lines are polished!!
Built motor, Highly detailed Dodge SRT-4

Lowered with BC coilovers, Paco’s car has an aggresive stance! The wheels have the perfect offset, and hes finished off the look with a Caliber SRT4 badge on the door of his 04 Dodge SRT4.
04 Dodge SRT-4 with coilovers and wheels

Ok, thats enough photos to post for now! Ill post more photos in another few days.

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