RWD Neon SRT4 conversion..

A customer and friend of ours sent us these photos. He asked us to not give out his name, and if you think you know him, or if you are sure you know him, doesn’t matter, don’t give out his name, or details. He wants to finish his build, and then show up at a track and do a fiery burnout and watch peoples jaws drop.

We only have two photos for now, but we can tell you its a built motor, large turbo, all custom chassis and engine mounts, Ford rear end. Its going to be built with an automatic transmission as well.

Once we get more photos we’ll post them up! But, this is a slow moving project so it might be some time before we can post more photos, or completed photos at that.


As you can see in this photo some custom control arm work will need to be done to accommodate the steering rack that’s been moved so far forward.

We wish we had photos to share of the rear chassis and reinforcements/bracing as its impressive, hopefully next time we can share photos with you.

Photo of Sergey’s Neon SRT4 in Russia.

A good customer of ours named Sergey in Russia sent in this photo of his black 03-05 Dodge SRT4.


We love seeing photos of American cars overseas, if anyone else is outside of North America with a Neon/SRT4/Cobalt/Dart please share photos and details with us!

Step by step process of installing an Diablosport Intune on a Neon SRT4.

We’ve had a few customers ask us how the Intune install process goes when installing a tune on their 2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 or 2008-2009 Dodge Caliber SRT4.
So, we have taken step by step photos to show how its done.

If you want further information on the Diablosport Intune for the 03-05 Dodge SRT4 or for the 2008-2009 Dodge Caliber SRT4 just click on any of the photos.

First plug in the Intune into your OBD2 port.

This is the welcome screen. To make any selections, just touch the screen with your finger.

We’re selecting : Tune Vehicle


Next, click yes to accept the legal disclaimers.


Next, click on the Write Vehicle, which loads the tune onto your pcm. You would click on restore vehicle ONLY if you already flashed your vehicle with a tune and want to reload your stock tune on your pcm.


Next, put your key in the ignition and turn it to the ON position, but make sure to NOT start the car. Turn off any accessories such as radio, ac/heat/headlights, etc.


This next process gives you two selections.

Diablosport tune- click this to go ahead and install the tune.

Modify tune – this allows you to make changes to the tune before installing it. If you are not familiar with doing this, we recommend you not make changes and just install the Diablosport tune.


After selecting the Diablo Sport tune, you will be asked if you want to install the tune.

Click X for no, or click the check mark to install.


The next three windows show the Diablosport backing up the existing tune from your pcm and saving it to the Diablo sport Intune in case you want to ever want to go back to the stock tune.




The next two windows are asking if you want to modify the canned tune that’s on the Diablo Sport Intune, or just install it the way it is. Click on the green arrow to install.



The tune is now being prepared to load into the pcm.


The tune is now built and ready to install. Click the green check box.


The tune is now being installed.



The tune is now loaded, cycle the key to the off position and click on the green check box.


Cycle the key to the ON position. Do not start the car.


The tune install is now done!


The Intune is now saving information on what last tune was written for future reference.


All done!


For more information on the Intune product we carry for the 2003-05 Dodge SRT4 and the 2008-09 Dodge Caliber SRT4 simply click on any of the photos to jump to our product page.

Syked ECU for 2.4 swap 1995-1999 Dodge/Plymouth Neons now in stock.

If you want a performance pcm for your 2.4 motor swap, and want to save yourself time from having to do wiring and pin swaps, this is for you.

When you do a swap from a 2.0 liter engine in a 1995-1999 Dodge/Plymouth Neon to a 2.4 engine, you need to swap the injector wiring and the spark plug firing sequence. This isn’t hard to do, but if you don’t want to have go through repining your engine harness plug that connects to the pcm, this makes it easy.

With this pcm, you get increased performance, and a turnkey, plug and play 2.4 swap pcm. This only applies if you are using 2.4 cams by the way, if you want to use 2.0 cams you’ll need to rotate the cam magnet.

This pcm allows you to drop in the new motor, use the swap bracket for passenger side, plug in the computer with 2.4 cams installed, and fire it up!

2.4 swap plug and play Syked performance ecu

Click on the photo above for more information, pricing, etc.

Now stocking the OEM coil pack for 96-10 Dodge Neon/Neon SRT4, PT Cruiser, and more!


You guys kept asking us to carry the OEM coil pack for the 96-05 Dodge/Plymouth Neon, and 03-05 Dodge SRT-4 and we listened!

We now have the Mopar OEM coil pack in stock.

Works on all the following vehicles;

•96-05 Dodge Neon 2.0L
•95-99 Dodge Neon 2.0L
•03-05 Dodge Neon SRT-4
•01-10 PT Cruiser 2.4L
•03-07 PT/GT Cruiser 2.4L Turbo
•95-00 Dodge Stratus 2.0L/2.4L
•96-00 Plymouth Breeze 2.0L/2.4L
•95-00 Chrysler Cirrus 2.0L/2.4L

For more information, and pricing, click on the photo.

The problem with using wire taps..

We’ve always suggested not to use wire taps when doing electrical work on your car.

The reason:
- They don’t always make a good solid connection
- Over time, with vibration, bumps, etc the connection can become unstable

Here is a photo of a Neon SRT4′s wiring under the dash that was part of the wiring harness.
An electrical wire tap was used in the security system and the tap severed about 90% of the wiring.
This in turn over time would create a intermittent connection and problems.

Now, granted, it appears that the person doing the job used the wrong size wire tap, which created this problem, but it further illustrates how these wire taps can create problems.

t tap fail

Vinny’s 95 Neon gets some powdercoated goodies.

Vinny at MP decided to powdercoat a 96+ style valve cover in red and install it on his 95 Sohc base sedan. He’s also got some Granatelli sohc wires, and a polished MPx oil cap. Then he took some Vibrant strut bars and powdercoated them red as well.

Also, for those of you that don’t recognize why Vinny has a second gen intake manifold and throttle body:

Now, onto the engine bay pics: