Lightweight pulley now available for the 2.0/2.4 Dart – increase your Darts throttle response and acceleration!

Dart 2.0/2.4 MPx Lightweight Pulley

Dart 2.0/2.4 MPx Lightweight Pulley

Introducing the MPx Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley for the Dart with 2.0 engine.

•Improves throttle response and peppiness
•Will NOT affect your vehicle’s AC / Power Steering / Alternator
•Uses the factory belt
•Can be installed in 30-45 minutes with simple hand tools
We have designed a lightweight pulley that replaces the factory crankshaft pulley and shaves off 3 lbs off of the rotating mass of your crankshaft assembly! This might not sound like much, but 3 lbs off of the spinning mass of your crankshaft makes a considerable difference, and improves your vehicle’s throttle response dramatically. Your Dart will be much more peppy and responsive in all gears!

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Q&A Interview with Doug Wind, driver of the Modern Performance Time Attack car.

Doug Wind has piloted his 2004 Dodge SRT-4, the Modern Performance sponsored Time Attack car to be the fastest FWD to ever compete in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenges. Doug is up against some of the fastest AWD and RWD cars in this class of racing, and he is kicking butt. We had an opportunity to ask him 10 questions about his experiences racing in Time Attack. Check it out below!

Doug Wind Modern Performance Time Attack car

1) Name some of your favorite tracks and what makes them your favorite.
My 2 favorite tracks are Road Atlanta and VIR (Virginia International Raceway). Having raced the Modern Performance SRT4 on over 30 tracks in 20 states these 2 tracks have been long time favorites. The rolling terrain of these tracks provide a lot of variations from turn to turn combined with the elevation changes it makes for a very fun place to drive.

2) Tell us about your engine specs (Turbo, pistons, rods)

My engine is still the stock 2.4L configuration built to withstand the rigours of sustained competition. While we built the motor for reliability, we are also able to make a great deal of power using almost exclusively off the shelf parts. The bedplate is machined for a strap kit and we had the crank magnafluxed and polished prior to the build. We use BC 625+ rods on Clevite bearings and JE 8.5:1 pistons. We have maintained the oil squirters in the motor to help deal with the extended run times on the motor. The motor is topped with a Ported and Polished head running +2,+1 valves, 2.7L followers and Crane 16 camshafts. The big power comes from the Garrett GTX3076R turbo perched on a full v-band Tunergeeks tubular manifold and utilizing a TiAL Sport 0.63 housing and a custom 3″ SEE exhaust.

3) Tell us about your suspension setup (coilovers, camber, tire size, custom bolt pattern spacers)
The suspension is pretty exotic. We run the only set of JRZ dampers in the world made for an SRT4. These are double adjustable for Rebound and Damping and have remote mounted reservoirs. We have also been able to source a pair of the Mopar Racing program knuckles for the front of the car to help with bump-steer and roll-center deficiencies found in the OEM suspension components. Our set-up is fairly straight forward and we run about -2.5* of camber in the front and -2.0* in the rear. For smaller tracks we run about 1/8″ of total toe OUT and for the big tracks we run zero or slight toe IN. The toe IN helps with the high-speed stability and therefore straight-line speed, which is a strength of the Alpha Skittle. For tires we run various sizes based on the event, but by-far our most used size would be the 275/35/18. While we do run larger 295/30/18′s at times, the 275 is the most readily available size and the most versatile. We are able to run such large tire and wheel sizes because in 2009 a friend of mine and I designed and built custom Billet Steel hubs for the car to replace the 5×100 bolt pattern with a much more wheel friendly 5×114.3 pattern. Of course with all the added pressure on the hubs and studs, we made the new hubs much thicker than OEM and utilize ARP studs. We love the Enkei RPF1′s and have 4 sets in various sizes for both street-tire events and full race events. Our most used size is an 18×10.5 with a 15mm offset.

4) What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven your Neon on the track?
Just this past summer we went 172.4 mph while competing in the Grassroots Motorsports Magazine Ultimate Track Car Challenge. They (GRM) invite 50 of the fastest track cars in the country to Virginia International Raceway to see just who is the big-dog. Other than safety requirements, there are very few “rules” and it’s a “Run what you brung; and hope you brung enough” shootout!

5) What year did your car go from regular street driven car to a full time track car?

After winning our class in the One Lap of America in 2007, we were competing almost exclusively in NASA Time Trial events and decided the car should be gutted to maximize the Power to Weight ratio that governs the classing of cars in the series. While doing this however we always kept in mind the future possibility of running the car again in the One Lap and also other potential “street” oriented events. Because of that there was minimal “permanent” changes made to the car. We removed excess seats and bought a set of rear doors from a wrecked SRT4 and gutted those leaving the OEM doors intact for future use. The excess weight was in the form of seats, carpet, trim and the sunroof. For the sunroof we made a custom fiberglass replacement which of course dropped about 25 lbs of weight from the highest point of the car. The car is now back in full street trim and only lacks A/C to make it a solid daily driver capable car.

6) Do you have any dataloggers on your car for track time, or other inputs? If so, what are your highest G forces exerted?

We utilize a TraqMate data logger on the car for all track events. This gives us the ability to overlay the acquired data onto the videos we produce and load onto the “ModernSRT4″ YouTube channel. Most track events yield a max “sustained” figure of between 1.5 and 1.75G’s both left/right and braking, there are however recorded instances of ~3.5G’s.

7) What are some interesting things other racers have said to you about your FWD car kicking so many RWD cars butts?

The FWD aspect of the car is what makes it really unique at most track events. There have only been a few FWD builds (of any make) that are as aggressive (or more so) than the MPx SRT4. Most people tend to think that it must have been converted to AWD to be able to handle and accelerate like it does and the really funny ones are typically the Porsche owners who don’t even know what kind of car it is and are really floored when I tell them it’s a FWD Dodge Neon (economy car) that just waxed their P-car on the track.

8) Any unusual or fun experiences while driving to the track, or during setup/tuning of your car?

I think the funniest thing about driving this car on the streets again, now that it is in full street-trim again for the Optima series, is how FEW people ever try to rev at me or want to race. While I truly have NEVER raced the car on the street, I hear LOTS of stories of people who are being revved at constantly by people wanting to race them, and I find it hilarious that it never happens to me. Maybe somehow they just KNOW better than to try! I also really enjoy all the people who come up the car at a gas station when I am transporting it to a race and they want to know if it’s a drift car.

9) Have you had any parts break or fail on the track?

We have had MANY-MANY parts fail on the track. Everything from axle boots to entire engines, it is always a challenge to build a very fast and powerful car that is going to be reliable for long periods of time. We have broken 4 OEM input shafts, stripped about a dozen transmission gears, grenaded 3 OEM short-blocks and even broken a crankshaft clean in two. We have cracked brake rotors in half and experienced Stage3 turbo failures. But of all the failures, the most epic to date happened just a few weeks ago. While racing in California to secure the Optima GTL Class Championship (which we DID!!!) we experienced a complete failure of the drives side rear spindle while maneuvering through a sharp right hand turn, the spindle broke off cleanly and shortly thereafter the entire wheel assembly ejected itself from the speeding car as we transitioned through the left hander that followed. The tire, wheel, brake rotor and hub were all still firmly joined, but no longer on the car. “Luckily” the car is so nose-heavy I was able to safely drive off the course (with zero additional damage) and behind a concrete barrier to prevent the yellow flag from being thrown on the course. The wayward tire even followed me off-track and came to rest harmlessly, out of the way, and was retrieved just moments after coming to a stop against the safety barrier.

Doug Wind parts carnage

(The picture above is a rear knuckle that has sheared off. Think of the forces required to break clean a knuckle!!)

Syked handheld tuner for 2004/2005 Dodge SRT-4′s gives additional 20 hp, 40 lbs of torque.

The Syked handheld tuner is available for the 2004/2005 Dodge SRT-4′s. This has a tune that gives about another 20 hp/40 lbs of torque like the old stage 1 tune, except you dont have to send in your pcm! You buy this handheld and flash your pcm yourself in minutes. Pricing is $399. It also allows you to read check engine codes as well.

Syked Handheld tuner for 2004/2005 Dodge SRT-4

For more information, click on the photo to jump to our product page.

MPx Lightweight pulley for the 2013+ Dart with 2.0 and 2.4 Engine almost finished!

Modern Performance was the first to introduce a lightweight pulley for the 2013+ Dart way back in 2014.
This pulley gave the 1.4 Turbo engine a faster spool up and better throttle response and was really a great addition.

Now, we are finishing machining our new MPx pulley for the 2.0/2.4 2013, 2014, 2015 Dodge Dart with 2.0 and 2.4 engine.
This lightweight pulley has been in testing on our project car for quite some time, enduring many miles, driving conditions, etc.
Its been a fantastic part, allowing the 2.0/2.4 to rev up much faster, and make the car more fun to drive!

This pulley saved nearly 3 lbs off of the crankshaft, while still driving the air conditioning and power steering just fine.
We have no check engine lights, no problems, its been great! Anyways, onto two quick pics of the new pulley being machined.



These will be available soon, check out !

MPx Hydraulic hood lift kit now available for the 2000-2005 Dodge Neon and SRT-4

Open your Dodge/Plymouth Neon hood with one hand! Add some class to your car and get rid of the flimsy OEM prop rod! We now offer a complete bolt on hood lift kit for the 2000-2005 Dodge/Plymouth Neon and the 03-05 Dodge SRT-4. Pics: 00-05 Dodge/Plymouth Neon and SRT4 MPx hydraulic hood lift kit 00-05 Dodge/Plymouth Neon and SRT4 MPx hydraulic hood lift kit 00-05 Dodge/Plymouth Neon and SRT4 MPx hydraulic hood lift kit

Click on any of the photos to jump to our product page for more info. We also have a polished strut lift kit. Click on any of the photos below to jump to our product page for more info. MPx Polished Hydraulic hood lift kit for 2000-2005 Dodge Neon and SRT-4 MPx Polished Hydraulic hood lift kit for 2000-2005 Dodge Neon and SRT-4

Pics of our two new Dart Carbon fiber spoilers!

We’re working on two different types of 2013-2015 Dodge Dart spoilers.

We’re hoping to release these in December 2015, maybe sooner.

We have a PVO style, which is a tribute to the old 03-05 Neon SRT4 trunk designed by the PVO team of Chrysler. This is a more aggresive styled spoiler thank our other Executive style spoiler which is discussed in the second half of our post.

Dart PVO style spoiler Dart PVO style spoiler

Now this spoiler is our Executive style spoiler. This is meant to be more of a subtle spoiler.

MPx executive style spoiler for 2013+ Dodge Dart

MPx executive style spoiler for 2013+ Dodge Dart

Comparing carpet samples for 95-99 Neon Carpet project.

So, we are continuing to work on offering a first gen Neon carpet replacement.
We are working with a well known carpet manufacturer that already produces replacement carpet.
However, we are not happy with the color of carpet that they offer for the 95-96 Neon. The carpet they offer is a bluish gray color which match in our opinion.

Please see picture below. What we are looking at, is the carpet produced by the manufacturer on the bottom.Then, on top we have a set of 1995 Neon oem NEW mats sealed in plastic. Then on top of the new oem mats, we have four carpet samples. We believe #2 is best matched to the original 95-96 carpet. Now, some of you may think that #4 is closest to the oem 95-96 carpet, but in person the #4 sample is way too light.

The #1 sample appears to be the closest match to the 97-99 Neon carpet, but we’ll have more on that later. We’re getting some more OEM carpets to match up to these and we’ll post more photos later.


2007-2010 Dodge Caliber / SRT-4 Weathertech Sun Visors now in stock

One way you can help keep your 2007-2010 Caliber or Caliber SRT-4 cooler during the hot summer months is with Weathertech Sun Visors.

These attach within minutes with no tools and allow you to leave your windows cracked slightly open when parked. This keeps your car much cooler than if the windows were sealed shut. These also allow you to have the windows open during driving for fresh air.

For more info click on any of the images.



Fits 07, 08. 09. 10 Dodge Caliber, Dodge Caliber SRT-4 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Hood lift kit for the 2013+ Fiat 500/Turbo/Abarth. Get rid of the cheesy oem prop rod!

If you own a 2013,2014,2015 Fiat 500 Turbo / Abarth / Pop / Lounge, etc your probably not too happy with the oem prop rod design. Its awkward and not easy to use. Plus it just feels cheap.

We’ve come up with a way to fix that, with a awesome twin hydraulic strut system that bolts onto the hood and core support with NO drilling involved.  It installs in about 20 minutes and looks great.

Now with one hand you simply lift the hood and it smoothly and automatically opens, slows down near 100% opening and stops.

For more information, pricing, or to order, click on any of the photos below.


Fiat 500 MPx Hydraulic Hood lift kitFiat 500 Turbo/Abarth/Pop/Lounge MPx Hydraulic Hood lift kit

2008/2009/2010 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Turbo – Need a new intercooler?

If you have a 2008/2009/2010 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Turbo and need a new intercooler due to hitting a curb/deer/other animal, or being in an accident, you are in luck.

The OEM GM intercooler (part number 25969961) is expensive, and frequently on backorder. Also, if you buy another OEM intercooler your still stuck with a thin core, and plastic end tanks!

So, you are in luck! We have the MPx intercooler for the 08, 09, 10  Chevy Cobalt SS that has strong cast end tanks, and a profile that makes it so it wont scrape against curbs and get damaged.

Here is a pic:

Cobalt SS Turbo MPx Intercooler

For more information, pricing or to order, click on the photo to jump to MP’s page.

I have a crack in my Mopar stage 3 turbo manifold for my 2003-2005 Neon SRT4..

We get contacted pretty often by people that have cracks in their Mopar stage 3 turbo/manifold on their 2003/2004/2005 Dodge SRT4.

These customers will ask us if we have new manifolds for sale. These turbo’s and manifolds were discontinued years ago, and are no longer available at all, let alone new manifolds.

So, the best thing to do is find a good welder that works with cast iron. Then, the welder will grind the crack, and use a special welding rod to weld the crack shut. Thats the best, and only option to repair a crack in your stage 3 turbo manifold.


Part 2 – Pics from MP meet 7/25/2015.

More pics from the MP meet on 7/25/2015.

We had a great time. MP had drinks/pizza, and even a snow cone truck that was handing out snow cones to everyone.

MP meet 7/25/2015

The legendary, retired Chrysler engineer and Neon racer Mr Ed Peters enjoyed a snow cone while talking about needle bearings and torque specs of bolts to secure the outer transmission case to the inner.

MP meet 7/25/2015

Look how big this snow cone is compared to the stapler next to it.

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015
MP meet 7/25/2015

Clarence Perkins’s car was looking good.

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

Lorenzo Union drove this car out to the MP meet with no air conditioning, and it was over 100 degrees that day!

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

Side mounted turbo looks like fun.

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

This SRT4 looked serious.

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

This was one of about 5-6 Darts at the MP meet.

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

2.4 Swapped with SRT4 internals and SRT4 factory turbo in a first gen would be a LOT of fun.

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

Willie Alvarado’s wheel fitment looks good.

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015

MP meet 7/25/2015
MP meet 7/25/2015