Tired of poor throttle response in your Dart/Fiat/Cobalt/Caliber?

Most manufacturers are getting rid of the old throttle cable systems and are using drive by wire gas pedal systems.
This works pretty well, but it can cause what some people describe as “lag” or poor throttle response.

There is a quick/easy way to fix that though, and its with the Sprint Booster. It installs in minutes on top of your factory gas pedal under the dash.

Here is a quick demo video:

Photo of the Sprint Booster:
Sprint Booster

To see the Sprint Boosters we offer and more information, click on the photo above.

Need a replacement O2 sensor for your AEM wideband gauge? Be careful, there are two sensors used.

AEM replacement wideband oxygen sensors

So, for many years, the industry standard wideband gauge, the AEM 30-4100 gauge used whats known as a Bosch LSU 4.2 connector o2 sensor.

After having problems with getting sensors, AEM moved to a LSU 4.9 connector o2 sensor. AEM then discontinued the 30-4100 gauge, and they reintroduced the exact same gauge but with new sensor as the 30-4110.

What this means, is that you need to be careful when ordering a replacement sensor, as there are two different sensors, and they are not interchangeable.
To determine which one you need, look at the connector on the end of the oxygen sensor. The connectors are quite different.
(LSU 4.2 used from roughly 2003-2014) (LSU 4.9 used from 2015 on). But, dont go by our years of service, please double check your connector.

Now, Modern Performance carries both replacement sensors. So, click on the connector diagram above to jump to our page, and choose the sensor you need.

Next MP meet – 7/25/2015 in Houston, TX!

Our next MP meet is coming up fast!


Put it on your calendar and be sure to make it.
We’ll have lots of parking and all are invited to our Houston warehouse for a car show, music, food and good times.

All Neons/SRT4′s/Calibers/Darts/Fiats/Cobalts are invited!

Will my warranty be voided if i install a … .. ?

We have customers asking if certain parts will void their warranty on their new car all the time.

Its a valid concern, but yet, its one that most new car owners worry too much about.

First off, lets explain how many manufacturers have faith in aftermarket parts:

-Acura used to sell the NSX, and offered a dealer installed Comptech supercharger kit. You could have your local dealer install a SUPERCHARGER, and keep your factory warranty.
-Ford Racing sells packages that increase power, and improve handling, that when installed will allow you to keep your factory warranty.
-Mopar performance sells Scat packs which include pcms, cylinder heads, camshafts and more, that allow you to keep the factory warranty.

So, what that shows you, is that dealerships and manufacturers dont mistrust all aftermarket parts, or instantly void a warranty when non factory parts are installed.

Its more of a combination of the reliability of the part, and how it will affect the car after being installed.

For example:
An Injen air intake, which is a major brand name, backed by a large company that tests their products, should give you no problems when installed on your car with a factory warranty.
A Flowmaster exhaust, which is a major, global brand name that almost anyone in the car industry will recognize, makes quality products, and wont give you problems, or warranty issues.
Eibach lowering springs, are a very good quality part, with a global name, and items are rigorously tested before being sold. These will not give you issues.

Items that the dealership will most likely frown on:
Parts that will give you any sort of driveability issue/unknown problems can create problems with the dealership.

- Any part that is not professionally made
- Any part that has inconsistent performance or reliability
- Any part that can affect another part of the car

Great examples are things like:
Nitrous kits – these radically change the way the motor performs, and alters air/fuel mixtures. You can damage the motor easily with a nitrous kit.

So, for those of you considering things like:
Air intakes
Intercooler piping kits
Lowering Springs
Other dress up accesories
Strut bars/Swaybars
and similar items

Dont fear, you’ll be fine.
Also, lastly, if you are really concerned about a dealership giving you a hard time about an item that you have installed before going in for routine service, keep in mind you can always switch the item back to stock. This is only if you are very concerned and or think the dealership will give you a hard time. In almost all cases, as long as you follow our safe list of items, you’ll be fine

Make your Dart more unique with a GTS Tribute painted hood.

We’ve already offered a carbon fiber GTS style hood for the Dart for some time now, and we’ve also come out with a paintable GTS hood in fiberglass.

With this hood, you can paint it to match your car, and have a great, OEM looking hood.

Here are pics of a white painted on our 2014 Dodge Dart GT:

MPx Dart GTS fiberglass hood

MPx Dart GTS fiberglass hood

MPx Dart GTS fiberglass hood

For more information on this hood, click on any of the photos to jump to our page.

MPx dual exit exhaust for the Caliber SRT4 – pics of the newly revised version on Chazz’s CSRT4!

A Caliber SRT4 owner named Chazz sent in photos of his CSRT4 with our newly revised dual exit exhaust installed.

This exhaust was discontinued for some time, but due to demand from CSRT4 owners we brought it back. We took the opportunity to revise the exhaust with a hand rolled muffler for no pinch joints, made the muffler larger for a cleaner sound, and made the tips removeable for ease of shipping.

Here are pics of Chazz’s CSRT4. For more information on the MPx dual exit for the CSRT4- simply click on any of the photos to jump to our product page.

MPx dual exit for Caliber SRT4


MPx Dual Exit Exhaust for CSRT4


MPx Dual Exit Exhaust for CSRT4

2.4 Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance intake manifold swap onto a 95-01 2.4 engine

Ok, so Cory from MP is building another 2.4 normally aspirated motor to swap into a first gen.

We are building new 2.4 10.5:1 compression pistons in a asymetrical design that will have minimal piston skirts to reduce drag and weight.

Also for fun, we plan on testing out different intake and exhaust manifolds. One of the manifolds we are going to test out, is the GEMA (Global engine manufacturing alliance between Chrysler, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai) intake manifold from a 2.4 from 2007-2013. This intake manifold is found on Patriots, Compasses, Avengers, Calibers and other Chryslers 2.0/2.4′s.

This intake manifold has plastic construction, nice smooth runners, large tb bore, and active intake manifold shutters to improve lower end power.

This manifold is HUGE, and it will be a challenge to make it fit in the first gen engine bay and clear the starter and fans.
But, it will be an interesting experiment. The first thing we’ll need to do, is make an adapter plate that bolts to the 2.4 NA 1995-2001 cylinder head. We’ll do this by taking an older intake manifold, chopping it off at the runners, and then custom cnc machining a plate to weld onto the oem intake manifold. Then the GEMA manifold will bolt to that.

Then, after that, the challenge will be to make the active shutters work, and test different rpm ranges to see when its best to have them open and closed. We imagine its best for closed shutters on lower end, and open at mid and top end.

Anyways, onto pictures.

This shows the backside and the shutters blocking the passage for lower end.


Here is a 95-01 NA 2.0/2.4 intake manifold Hondata heatshield gasket showing the similarity of the ports.


Shutters closed

Shutters open


Nice smooth runners, tb opening on driver side, and large tb opening. Great for NA use!

More details to come!

Photo showing how you should be adjusting your BC coilovers

We get calls and emails often from customers that cant adjust their coilovers correctly or dont know how to do it.
Even though we have multiple videos, photos, and more in our blog showing how to adjust the BC’s, here is another photo.

In the photo you can see a spring perch and lock, as well as a lower lock ring.

You should NEVER have to adjust the spring perch for height adjustment.

To adjust height you should loosen the lower lock ring, then take the upper assembly and spin it clockwise or counterclockwise to make adjustments to the height. Please see our photo below.

BC Coilover adjustment