I wonder what the turning radius is like in this thing..


This appears to be a 80′s volkswagen with a very interesting front end.

Is is this art?

Is it an attempt to make for better cornering?

Is it some sort of odd design to
Somehow improve traction on this fwd car?

Most likely not on the last two guesses but hey it’s fun to guess right?

We may never find out what the motive was..






Dodge Dart GTS Tribute hood coming in soon at MP.

Around 2013, Chrysler created a concept called the Dodge Dart GTS. It was a Dodge Dart that was lowered, had some cool aero stuff including a viper style inspired carbon fiber hood.

Well, unfortunately for Dart enthusiasts this car was never built.

Fast forward to 2014, and we’ve decided to create a tribute hood to allow you to make your Dart look like a GTS.

This will be in stock at MP early September 2014. Check our website for more details as we get closer to the release date!

For now: two photos:

(Please note: the scoop will have black mesh, it wont be left open like in this photo!)




08-09 Caliber SRT4 fans, we’re bringing back the MPx dual exit exhaust! Pics!

Caliber SRT4 fans, you probably remember how way back in 2009 we brought out a dual exit muffler for the CSRT4.
Well, fast forward to 2013 and we had discontinued that muffler.

Anyways, we have brought it back, revised the way its packaged to make it shippable in a smaller box. This means for those of you guys outside of the USA we can soon be able to ship this to you!

We’re hoping to have these in stock by Sept 2014 for sale.

Onto pics!


Photos of the Diablosport Trinity installed in a pillar pod with the cup mount.

Some of you have asked what the Diablosport Trinity looks like when mounted with the supplied cup mount into a pillar pod.

Here are photos! This is a MPx Caliber SRT4 dual pillar pod with the supplied Trinity cup mount and Trinity.

diablosport_trinity_pillar_mount diablosport_trinity_pillar_mount2 diablosport_trinity_pillar_mount3 diablosport_trinity_pillar_mount4

Caliber SRT4 pillar pod available here:


Diablosport Trinity available here:


Photos of newly revised MPx Dodge Caliber SRT4 intercooler.

So, most of you already know that we initially came out with a larger front mount intercooler for the Dodge Caliber SRT4 way back in 2009.

We carried that unit for a few years, and it worked great for our customers. Fast forward to 2014, and we began to make a newer improved version. This new version has a thicker core, is less tall to improve road clearance, and uses aluminum hard piping with silicone couplers and t bolt clamps.

We plan on releasing this for sale in late August 2014. Keep an eye on our website at www.modernperformance.com of course!

Anyways, onto a few new pictures:




Interior photos of RWD Neon SRT4 conversion taking place.

Two more photos of the RWD conversion taking place in a Neon SRT4.

The owner wishes to remain anonymous until completion so we cant announce the name of this SRT4 owner yet..

Pics of the aluminum racing seat, fuel cell, and notice the driveshaft tunnel in progress.

rwdneonsrt47 rwdneonsrt48

For more photos of the conversion see our other thread:



Spotted a 1998 Neon ACR in the junkyard..

So this past weekend we came across a first gen Neon coupe. To our suprise it was a manual, and a dohc.
At first it just appeared to be a Neon Sport Coupe.

Then, it had rear disc brakes, and a swaybar. Nice!

Sure it had some questionable body modifications, but overall this Neon had a good foundation to be a solid car with great performance and handling.


Looks like it had SRT4 wheels..


No rear spoiler, rear disc brakes, rear spoiler.. Nice.


Instrument cluster with 7k redline and cf overlay.


Sohc  hood with a WRX style scoop installed along with hood being cut out underside.


Leather wrapped wheel.. Whoa, these only come on RT’s and ACR’s..


Ouch, this has Koni adjustable struts.. This is an ACR. =/


This car had the rare long throttle cable as well.


It was a sad moment for this first gen Neon enthusiast to see this Neon ACR in a junkyard. But, luckily we pulled a bunch of parts off it and the parts off this car will help our first gen Neons live on further!

AGP has updated their blow off valve uppipes with screw in OEM temp sensors for 03-05 SRT4!

Ok, so the original OEM design of the pipe between the intercooler and throttle body on the 03-05 Dodge SRT4 had a grommet and a push in temp sensor.
With higher boost pressures, this temp sensor would blow out, causing a big boost leak and loss of power.

So, AGP fixed this issue when they made a replacement aluminum uppipe with a threaded temperature sensor that would never blow out. The only issue is this sensor was very expensive, and on top of that they couldnt be soldered into the wiring harness, they had to be crimped onto the wiring.

Fast forward to present day, and AGP has done something pretty awesome. They took the OEM temperature sensor and threaded it so that you could thread in the oem temp sensor, making it so it will never blow out. You can then use your oem wiring as well, no modifications to your wiring needed!



Link for more information on the AGP uppipes at Modern Performance for the 03-05 Dodge SRT4:


Review from a customer with 03-05 Dodge SRT4 of BC coilovers with Eibach springs from Modern Performance

BC Coilovers with Eibach springs from MP

We received an email from a customer that bought the BC coilovers for the 03-05 Neon SRT4 from us, along with our Eibach springs that we offer for a softer street ride quality. This customer, Charlie was very pleased with the ride quality on Cincinnati’s roads, and his car had a better cornering ability.
Charlies email:

Good Afternoon,

I spoke with your rep on the phone that has the 1st gen neon a few weeks ago. I was calling in to order the Mopar S2 coilovers but I was a little hesitant at the time because they didn’t have the dampening adjustability I wanted in addition to not being able to get it as low as I wanted without cutting the stop rings. I wanted to go with the Mopar because I had heard ride quality wouldn’t suffer much and since this is my DD, I wanted decent street manners. The gentleman I spoke with suggested I try the BC coilovers with Eibach springs. He said he had already installed them on his first gen and he highly recommended them.

Well after installing them and getting it aligned, I have to say that I am beyond satisfied. Yes, it is a little bit more harsh than my prior stock struts on the Mopar Stage 1 springs but the compromise is not a deal-breaker at all. If I had to do it again, there would be no question about it…I certainly would. I actually like the way the rear end takes bumps now compared to before since these are a bit stiffer spring rates in the rear. The front is a little tougher than before but it’s still forgiving enough that when I asked my wife if the car felt any different, she just shrugged and said not really. That should be the selling point on this CO/spring combo, “Your wife won’t even notice the difference.” Of course, I could tell the difference. I already had Hotchkis sways front and back, strut tower bars, solid motor/trans mounts, and polyurethane LCA bushings so the car was pretty stiff to begin with. I have the dampeners set at 4 clicks from softest in the front and 6 from softest in the rear. I haven’t had any passengers in the back seat yet but I am confident it will hold up just fine considering I’ve had about 150 lbs of parts in the trunk/backseat and I didn’t notice any clunking on moderate bumps.

Plus, the car looks amazing and handles better than I could have imagined a neon could! Thanks for the great service over the years and thanks especially to the rep I spoke with who recommended these! Now give me my damn PVO spoiler so I can ditch this wing and not feel embarrassed rolling up to business meetings in my toy!


Now, more photos of Charlie’s car:
BC Coilovers with Eibach springs from MP

BC Coilovers with Eibach springs from MP

Click on any of the photos on this page to jump to our coilover page for more information, pictures, pricing.

Next MP meet will be on 5/31/14! Info, Directions, Time, etc

OK guys! Our next MP meet will be on Saturday, 5/31/14.

Location: Modern Performance’s headquarters in Houston Texas!

Time – from 11-4pm

We’ll have music, food, snacks, and this is open to any and all Neons, Neon SRT4′s, Caliber SRT4′s, Fiat 500′s, Chevrolet Cobalts, and Focus ST’s. Come out, show off your car, hang out and have fun.

Google maps info:


Please review the parking map:

Please park as close as possible and ignore the parking lines. We’ll have so many cars that we need to park closer together!

Satellite view:

Dart SRT4 confirmed for 2016 production.

Chrysler media has announced their timeline for future products over the next few years. Most importantly to us, is the confirmation of Dart SRT4 with turbo motor and most interestingly awd platform.



We’ll highlight the important part of this image for you.


Diablosport handheld tuner continues to impress with the 08-09 Dodge Caliber SRT4.

We decided to dyno test a local customers car with the Diablosport Intune handheld tuner on a 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT4.

This customer had a MPx downpipe, MPx rear muffler and that was it. No other mods!

We already knew we would gain nice power and torque but we were impressed with what we saw on the dyno.

Peak numbers changed by 19.4hp, and 63.2 lbs of torque. At 5700 rpms there was a gain of roughly 32 wheel hp.
On the bottom end, at 3500 rpms torque increased by just about 50 lbs of torque.

This translates into a difference you can feel, and much more fun. Most impressive is that its so easy to use. Buy the tuner from Modern Performance, load the flash onto your Caliber SRT4 within minutes and your done. Its that simple.

Now, onto the before and after dyno pictures. For more information on the Diablosport Intune for the Caliber SRT4, simply click on any of the photos to jump to our product page.

Before dyno chart:
Diablosport Intune for Caliber SRT4

After dyno chart:
Diablosport Intune for Caliber SRT4