Alright, time for some fun! Below are some images taken from NASIOC web forum (subaru enthusiasts forum) of BAD IDEAS.

We give credit to people for taking the initiative to make their own parts and get their hands dirty, but this is one area where poor welding and craftsmanship will create HUGE problems.
Home made turbo manifold

Turbo manifolds should be made with EXTREMELY high quality, and precision. Otherwise it will probably tear itself apart with heat cycling.
Home made turbo manifold

The owner of this turbo decided to weld on fins onto his intake side of his turbo thinking it will pull in more air. It sounds like a great idea, until you realize that this will be spinning at tens of thousands of rpms, and when those fins break loose from their poor weld, it will be catastrophic failure time!
Take in more air into your turbo!

This home made turbo kit owner decided to use a flowmaster muffler as his intake plenum. I think this is the first time ever that a flowmaster muffler has been used as an intake plenum in history.
Flowmaster turbo kit

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