Dodge Neon SRT-4/GT Cruiser versus PT Cruiser non turbo rotors

We wanted to share details on the differences between the Neon SRT-4 2.4 Turbo and GT Cruiser rotors and non turbo 2001-2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser rotors.

This is useful information for those of you that have 1995-1999 Neons or 2000-2005 Neons and are wondering about the difference in rotors.

Both turbo and non turbo use the same diameter rotors, however that is where the similarities end.

The turbo rotors have much thicker rotor material, and the cooling vanes inside the rotors are much thicker. Also, the turbo rotors are about 4 lbs heavier per side.

4 lbs doesnt sound like much, but that makes a big difference for a car with lower torque like a non turbo 2.0 or 2.4. A total of 8 lbs for both sides of rotating mass makes a noticeable difference in acceleration!

This is why we recommend non turbo 95-99 Neon owners that want to do a brake upgrade look into doing PT Cruiser NA rotors and calipers to swap onto their first gen. 

Written by Modern Performance

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