Boost leak testers – why you need one for your SRT4/Cobalt SS/Caliber SRT4/Turbo car.

Boost Leak Tester - why you need one!

This is a photo of a customers car that had an intercooler leak. The customer didnt even know there was a cracked tube on his intercooler until after a boost leak test. This small crack was causing boost to leak out of the intercooler, bleeding off several pounds of boost, which made the Neon SRT4 loose throttle response and power.

What makes this interesting, is that it looks as if there was a backfire which caused not only the tubing to fracture, but the top plate to bow out as well. Pretty amazing! This leak was on the BACKSIDE of the intercooler, which made it so that the customer would have never found this leak by eye.

This is the boost leak tester – its a simple piece that you connect to the turbo, and use compressed air to test your turbo lines, vacuum lines and fittings.

Boost leak tester


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