V6 swap into a second gen Dodge Neon R/T!

This is an uncommon Dodge Neon engine swap! A Chrysler 3.8 V6 motor swap into a 2001 Dodge Neon R/T! This Neon has a Chrysler export center grille, 00-02 Neon snowflake wheels and otherwise looks like a regular 2001 Neon R/T. shows that the 3.8 V6 produced a wide array of horsepower and torque depending on what year it was from. We believe this 3.8 engine is from roughly the 95-00 era. So, thats good for 166-180 hp and 227-240 torque. Wow, if a Neon like this had 180 hp and 240 torque from a NA engine it would be a lot of fun!

1991-93150203First year (9.0:1 c/r)
1994-95162213New intake plenum, SMPI
1996-97166227Revised intake and exhaust
2001-04215245Variable intake, other changes
2007-08202237Jeep version
2009-10205240Jeep version
2008-10197230Minivan/Pacifica version

We do not have any more details on this V6 swap, however there are a few people that have done this swap in the project log section.

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