Youtuber Doug Demuro reviews the GT Cruiser!

Doug Demuro, a famous youtube reviewer of cars has reviewed the GT Cruiser. He loved to hate it, which we expected, however near the end of the video he stomps on the gas, and he had a big smile on his face. 

Doug spent a lot of time in this video critiquing the plastic panels, poor fitment, cheap build quality, which should come to a surprise to no one, considering how the PT cruiser was always a cheap car. 

We love the contrast of this video, in which 3/4 of the video is highlighting how crappy the car is, then at the end, Doug gives high praise for the acceleration of the GT Cruiser. Horsepower can make a boring car fun, and this is a prime example of how a cheap, utilitarian car can be a lot of fun with a 2.4 liter 230 horsepower turbo motor! 

If you dont want to watch the whole video, skip to 20:00 to see Doug’s acceleration impression. 

Written by Modern Performance

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