Dodge Neon SRT-4 in the Czech Republic!

Dodge SRT-4 in Czech republic!

We are big fans of the Dodge SRT-4, and we get really excited to see SRT-4 Neons in places outside of the markets they were sold in (USA, Mexico, Canada). 

This Neon SRT-4 in orange blast color is located in the Czech republic, or what was previously known as Czechloslovakia. We had an opportunity to ship some parts to this customer and were quite proud to help. 

With the owner Tomas being so far away from the USA, its more difficult to get parts, and so its interesting to see in the engine bay what looks to be a locally made air intake, and on the passenger side, a locally made catch can.

The turbocharger on the back of the engine also doesnt look factory, although we do not have the specs on that turbo. 

Written by Modern Performance

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