Important note regarding MPx throttle body and spacer being installed on 03-05 SRT-4’s with stock computers..

We’ve gotten a few calls from customers who installed the MPx 62mm throttle body and spacer, who also have a stock pcm and are getting a check engine code. The throttle body mentioned is this one:

The code Neon SRT-4 owners are getting, is a Map pressure/TPS correlation check engine code. You see, the stock pcm expects a certain amount of pressure in the intake manifold for every certain % of throttle position and because the stock pcm is so sensitive, when you use the MPx throttle body along with a stock pcm (Or any throttle body) youll have this check engine code.

How to fix this ? EASY!!

Get a Diablosport Predator

Get a Mopar stage 1 kit:

Both will eliminate this problem, and will make your Neon SRT-4 much easier to modify. Because, if you:

-Remove your catalytic convertor
-Increase your cars boost
-Buildup boost faster than factory pcm expects boost to be builtup
-Install an aftermarket throttle body

Then your check engine light will come on with the super sensitive factory pcm. Eliminate the check engine lights from coming on and make LOTS more power with either a stage 1 or the Diablosport Predator.

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