Lower motor mount from Torque Solutions now in stock for Caliber SRT4

If you want to improve the traction of your 2008-2010 Dodge Caliber SRT4, this is one key piece you need.

The lower torque mount in the Caliber SRT4 has a softer grade of rubber that allows for a lot of movement, and when you drive hard, or have a lot more power, your engine will move way more than you’d probably like. This causes wheel hopping, and loss of traction.

This Torque Solutions lower motor mount improves on the factory mount big time by having a more solid mount made from CNC billet aluminum and a higher grade of rubber that flexes way less.

Its inexpensive, and is easy to install as well!

Caliber SRT4 lower torque mount by Torque Solutions
Caliber SRT4 lower torque mount by Torque Solutions

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