Lowering your 2013+ Dodge Dart? YES you need camber bolts for the rear!

When lowering your 2013+ Dodge Dart, its important to get camber bolts as well, because the factory adjustment isnt enough to adjust out the negative camber.

Here is a photo of our Dodge Dart lowered by 2 inches on coilovers. This is an estimated 3-3.5 degrees of negative camber. The factory bolts do not adjust enough to get rid of the negative camber all the way.

2013+ Dodge Dart needs camber bolts after being lowered
2013+ Dodge Dart needs camber bolts after being lowered

Here is a photo with the Eibach camber bolts installed. This is BEFORE getting an alignment, we just eyeballed it, and were able to dial a lot of the negative camber out.

BEFORE but with camber bolts.
BEFORE alignment, but with camber bolts.

If you want more information on the Eibach camber bolts, click on any of the photos above to jump to our Eibach camber bolt page for the Dodge Dart.

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