MPx dual exit exhaust for the Caliber SRT4 – pics of the newly revised version on Chazz’s CSRT4!

A Caliber SRT4 owner named Chazz sent in photos of his CSRT4 with our newly revised dual exit exhaust installed.

This exhaust was discontinued for some time, but due to demand from CSRT4 owners we brought it back. We took the opportunity to revise the exhaust with a hand rolled muffler for no pinch joints, made the muffler larger for a cleaner sound, and made the tips removeable for ease of shipping.

Here are pics of Chazz’s CSRT4. For more information on the MPx dual exit for the CSRT4- simply click on any of the photos to jump to our product page.

MPx dual exit for Caliber SRT4


MPx Dual Exit Exhaust for CSRT4


MPx Dual Exit Exhaust for CSRT4

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