RWD Neon SRT4 conversion..

A customer and friend of ours sent us these photos. He asked us to not give out his name, and if you think you know him, or if you are sure you know him, doesn’t matter, don’t give out his name, or details. He wants to finish his build, and then show up at a track and do a fiery burnout and watch peoples jaws drop.

We only have two photos for now, but we can tell you its a built motor, large turbo, all custom chassis and engine mounts, Ford rear end. Its going to be built with an automatic transmission as well.

Once we get more photos we’ll post them up! But, this is a slow moving project so it might be some time before we can post more photos, or completed photos at that.


As you can see in this photo some custom control arm work will need to be done to accommodate the steering rack that’s been moved so far forward.

We wish we had photos to share of the rear chassis and reinforcements/bracing as its impressive, hopefully next time we can share photos with you.

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Photo of Sergey’s Neon SRT4 in Russia.

Modern Performance has bought a 2014 Dodge Dart GT with 2.4 engine for product development