03-05 Neon SRT4/03-10 Turbo PT Cruiser owners – reduce oil pressures and temperatures with this piece.

If you have a 03-05 Dodge SRT4 or a 02-10 Turbo Chrysler PT Cruiser, this piece will help to reduce oil temperatures and oil pressure.
First off, this is the oil filter adapter that attaches onto the oil pan. Your oil filter attaches onto this piece. In the Neon SRT4/Turbo PT Cruiser, oil pressure can get as high as 80-90 psi.

The way this piece was cast and manufactured, it works fine, but needs some improvement.

• Oil passages are drilled in such a way that oil runs through a channel, hits a wall and then backflows to go through an oil port.
• Oil flows around sharp edges, causing restriction and increased pressures.
Mr Ed Peters, a retired Chrysler engineer and racer, takes care of these problems by hand porting each oil filter adapter to eliminate backflow, and all of the sharp edges. Mr Peters has tested and seen a oil pressure drop with these (due to lower restriction) as well as temperatures drop.

Neon SRT4 oil filter adapter porting
Stock Neon SRT4 Oil filter adapter

Note: we take brand new Mopar oil filter adapters and then have Ed Peters port and finish them. So, you’re not getting a used, or warped oil filter adapter from us.

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