AEM X-WIFI allows you to monitor your Air/Fuel ratio and EGT on your phone!

AEM has just introduced a new device called the AEM X-wifi that allows you to create a wireless network in your car so that you can monitor your Air/Fuel ratio, and Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT) wirelessly with your phone! Currently, this kit will work with Iphones, Itouches, Droids, Storm 2 and any other phone that can connect to a wireless network. NO software is needed to purchase, nothing else is needed!

This kit comes with a AEM UEGO oxygen sensor, X-wifi module and is fairly easy to connect.

Check out this demo video we made showing the X-WIFI with our 2009 Caliber SRT4.

More details on our website here:

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Two photos taken inside our Caliber SRT4 with GoPro HD camera

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