Whats wrong with this oil pump ? Picture Trivia time !

Picture Trivia time ! Whats wrong with this oil pump ?

2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 cracked oil pump gear

2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 cracked oil pump gear

If you guessed that the oil pump gearing is severely cracked, and chunks of it are missing, congratulations !!

This is why its very important to make sure your car doesnt detonate, and make sure your air/fuel mixture ratios are good. Otherwise, shock from detonation can damage the oil ring gear, ultimately cause it to fail, and if you dont turn off your motor in time, serious damage will occur.

The customer that owns the SRT4 that this oil pump came out of, after the oil pump failed, noticed that his oil pressure dropped and he immediately shut his motor off, thereby saving himself from a costly engine rebuild.

We highly recommend a AEM UEGO Air/Fuel mixture ratio gauge to monitor the air/fuel ratio of your engine.

A AEM oil pressure gauge would also be a wise investment to monitor your engine:

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