After 8-9 years of production, we have revised the MPx pulley for 95-05 Neon/SRT4

As some of you diehard Neon enthusiasts already know, the MPx underdrive pulley has been one of the most popular, lightweight pulleys for use in the 95-99 Neon, 00-05 Neon, and 03-05 SRT-4.

Its worked great, and we’ve had no issues with the pulley. However, we always wanted to make the pulley stronger, and easier to remove in case it was needed for service. So, what we have done, is designed the center section more closely to the factory pulley with three slots for weight reduction. Also, we have used a steel insert for maximum strength where the pulley mounts onto the crankshaft snout.

Heres a pulley comparison photo. Notice the 95-05 Pulleys are a solid disk whereas version 2 is a lightweight, stronger version.

These will be released very shortly for sale, watch out on our website for the release.

MPx Pulley version 1 and 2 comparison

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