Caliber SRT-4 Sportstop rotors discontinued.

Neon SRT-4 Sportstop Rotors

About 2-3 weeks ago we unveiled the Sportstop rotors which were drilled and slotted for the Caliber SRT-4.

Then, after we sold out of the rotors and placed another order for more, we were notified by Sportstop that they were discontinuing the Sportstop rotor set for the Caliber SRt-4.

We asked why, and Sportstop told us that they changed the rotor blanks that were used to make the rotor kits, and the new blanks could not be drilled like the old ones.

We are told that we will be getting slotted rotors to replace the sportstop rotors for the 08-09 Caliber SRT-4 here shortly.

The 95-99 Neon Sportstop rotors are not affected.

The 03-05 Neon SRT-4 Sportstop rotors are not affected.

Written by Modern Performance

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Photo of Neon SRT-4 with Sportstop rotors installed