Charles @MP dynos his 98 R/t with 2.4 swap! 211 wheel hp and 170 wheel torque!

Charles @ MP set a new personal record for all motor power in his 2.4 swapped 98 Dodge Neon RT.

Over the weekend, his engine with 10.5:1 compression, Crower stage 4 camshafts, TTI off the shelf header, All motor mike intake manifold, Calico coatinged bearings and pistons 2.4 engine put down 211 hp and 170 torque. On a second dyno run he put down 212 hp and 170 torque so it was very consistent. No turbo, no nitrous, all motor power.

This is the same motor that used to be in Cory’s Nitro Yellow green ACR that put down 191 wheel hp, but at a lesser rpm, and with milder cams.

Power built up very nicely and didnt fall off at all up to 7500 rpms.


IN car video:

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