Dodge/Plymouth Neon dirt track/oval track racers – we have a performance pcm to give you a edge!

We’ve helped a lot of dirt track/oval track/offroad¬†racers with 1996/1997/1998/1999 Dodge/Plymouth Neons with performance pcms/ecu’s from Syked.

These performance pcms give your Neon an additional 7-10 hp, and they have higher rev limiters which allow you to keep your Neon in gear longer, so you don’t have to spend time changing gears. This allows you to have an edge over your competitors! You can stay in gear up to 7800 rpms, 8000 rpms, or we can even remove the rev/rpm limiter in your Dodge/Plymouth Neon.

These pcms also make it so that there is no evap/purge system monitoring so you can remove those altogether, they also don’t monitor the EGR system, and have no speed limiter.

Also these pcms/ecu’s look bone stock with no flashy stickers or fancy looking cases.


Syked ECU's for 1996/1997/1998/1999 Dodge/Plymouth Neons


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Written by Modern Performance

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