Dodge Dart 2.0/2.4liter owners wanting better cornering! MPx Strut bars are now in stock!

If you own a 2013 and newer Dodge Dart with a 2.0Liter, 2.4Liter motor and want better handling/cornering, we’ve finally come out with a bolt on strut tower brace that helps!

This part helps regardless if you have lowering springs on your Dart, or coilovers, etc.

It fits with all stock engine covers as well as all aftermarket air intakes. It took us a lot of testing, and we made close to 11 different prototypes before we made one that fit every possible combination.

The result – absolute perfection! Check out the photos below, and for more info or to order, click on the photo.

MPx Strut bar for 2.0/2.4 Dodge Darts

Written by Modern Performance

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