Due to Chrysler bankruptcy, lots of Mopar parts are backordered and or running late

Just an update: because of the Chrysler bankrupcty, a lot of Mopar parts are running behind/backordered.

For example, as of 9-3-09 we are having problems with these parts;
-Mopar 03-05 SRT4 axles
-Mopar 03-05 Short throw shifters
-Mopar 03-05 SRT4 / 08+ Caliber Blow off plate
-Mopar 95-99 Neon motor mounts
-Mopar 08+ Caliber Stage 1 kits
-Mopar 03-05 SRT4 Stage 1 kits

A lot of these parts are made by outside contractors that supply these parts to Mopar, and when Chrysler declared bankruptcy, a lot of the suppliers either put the parts on hold due to payment.

Now that Chrysler has exited bankruptcy, a lot of parts are beginning to be made again, but its taking a while to get everything ramped up again.

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