3 bar MAP Sensors now available for 03-05 Dodge SRT4

SRT4 3 bar MAP Sensor

Interested in getting a 3 bar map sensor for your high boost 03-05 Dodge SRT4 ?

Well, up until August 2009, we could get the 3 bar map sensors from Mopar that were used in the stage 2 and stage 3 kits. But, now that the stage 2 and stage 3 kits are discontinued, Mopar no longer offers the stage 2/3 map sensors.

So, to fill the need, we found another Mopar 3 bar map sensor that could be used, but the angle for the sensor was incorrect. So, a adaptor was made out of aluminum that would allow the new Mopar 3 bar map sensor to be mounted onto the 03-05 Dodge SRT4 intake manifold.

The adaptor has a male threaded port with a rubber o ring to seal itself tightly to the intake manifold, and its held securely onto the intake manifold with allen head screws.

Pictured below are photos of the map sensor and adapter installed onto a SRT4 intake manifold. Notice how the plug is facing upwards like the factory map sensor does, so the factory wiring is kept in place, unmodified. The primary reason this adaptor was designed was not only to make it easier to install, but to keep the wiring from having to be cut and extended. If the factory wiring is cut, the voltage output from the sensor will be modified, and could create incorrect readings from the map sensor to the PCM.

SRT4 3 bar MAP Sensor
SRT4 3 bar MAP Sensor

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