Dyno tested a prototype part for the 2013+ Dodge Dart 1.4 Turbo and we’re IMPRESSED.

We’re all super excited!

Today we tested out a new prototype part and the results on the dyno were AWESOME.

We’ve got another bolt on part, that increases throttle response VERY nicely, picks up about 7 hp and 8 lbs of torque at the wheels.

The best part about this one part, is its something you’ll feel. The car will be much more responsive, more fun to drive, and quicker.

Heres a dyno chart. The red line is the before, and the blue line is after. As you can see in the dyno chart, there is a consistent power and torque gain ACROSS the entire board. NO LOSS at all.

Lastly, before we post the dyno chart, this part will be easy to install, and affordable, just like our awesome MPx intercooler piping kit.

Across the board horsepower and torque gains 2013 1.4Turbo Dart
Across the board horsepower and torque gains 2013 1.4Turbo Dart

Now, we typically post dyno graphs for our Dart in 4th gear, and this is in third gear so the hp and torque numbers are higher than our 4th gear dynos.
But, that does not affect the before and after numbers, this part is still making consistent gains.

More details to come shortly, we’re testing the part out on the road in our Dart now.

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