More information on the top secret Dart 1.4 Turbo MPx part being released shortly..

Ok, so about a week ago we posted a dyno graph of a new top secret part we’re making for the 2013+ Dodge Dart with 1.4 Turbo.

We didnt tell you what the item was, because we had to wait, but now that we’re just a few days from releasing them, its time to give another hint!

So, here is a photo of our Dart engine bay and you can see the prototype part installed. We cant disclose what the item is yet, but we’re super excited as it really made an improvement in power/torque! Nearly 5-8 hp across the rpm band, and nearly 16 hp/lbs of torque at 5000 rpm!

Dyno graph showing great horsepower and torque improvements:

Stay tuned! We’re just a few days away from releasing this part for sale!

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