Eibach Swaybars available again after 7 month delay for 00-05 Dodge Neon, 03-05 Dodge SRT-4!

Eibach Swaybars for 00-05 Dodge Neon, Dodge SRT-4

The Eibach swaybars were put on hold for nearly 6-7 months, and were unavailable because Mopar discontinued the rear end links that were part of the Eibach swaybar kit.
Now that Eibach has come out with their own rear end links, these kits are now available again !!

Pricing is $299 for the complete kit, 24mm front and 19mm rear swaybar and it comes with  urethane bushings to replace your factory soft rubber swaybar mounting bushings and endlink bushings.

The Eibach swaybar kit is listed in our shopping cart here:

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