Here’s our donor car for the SRT4 swap into the 95 Neon..

Behold our donor car for our SRT4 swap into the 1995 Neon project.

This car is a Salvage title, 2004 Dodge Neon SRT4 with 63,000 miles. The original owner of this car had some sort of accident on the passenger side and it looks as if the roof, passenger side a pillar, and both front and back doors were damaged. The damage was enough to total the car, and it was then given a salvage title. Then another owner repaired the car, did a very poor job of repairing everything, drove it for a while, and then sold it. The next owner, was driving along at high speed, lost control around a corner and damaged the wheels and suspension pieces, and then after that accident could no longer afford the insurance payments and had to sell the car.

So, its had a tough life. The interior is in poor shape, the exterior is in rough shape, however the motor and transmission are in SOLID shape. This car is the perfect donor car, because everything we need (Engine, Transmission, wiring harness, pcm, fuel tank, pedal assemblies, radiator, everything) are in great shape and everything else is shot.

Anyways, onto the photos.

Now, I know some of you could be upset at us taking a completely running vehicle to part it out, but I have to stress that we are going to attempt to use the entire wiring harness, pcm, and drivetrain, and most of the damaged cars we saw didnt have the complete drivetrains or were partially damaged.

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The beginning of a new project – complete Neon SRT-4 drivetrain swap into a 95 Neon.

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