Synapse Synchronic Blow Off Valve!

This is a nice blow off valve that tends to be looked over because it doesn’t come from HKS or GReddy.

synapse synchronic blow off valve

Synapse Synchronic BOV is a fast-acting design that functions as a blow-off, diverter (DV)/bypass. The patented (6,863,260) design eliminates the diaphragm with a multi-tier piston actuator that self-centers under pressure. This design is intended to significantly reduce or eliminate compressor surge and will not leak boost.

synapse synchronic blow off valve

synapse synchronic blow off valve

Most valves uses a sheet of thin rubber to function as a diaphragm, flexing in and out during it’s function. If a blow off valve fails, it’s normally due to the rubber becoming fatigued and tearing. With no diaphragm to go bad, there’s one less thing to worry about. The sliding piston is designed to be self lubricating and virtually maintenance free. At only $179.99, it is a bargain price as well.

If you have a GReddy or HKS flange already we have an adapter to transition to the Synapse!

Check them out here!

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