How to install oil pressure gauge on your Neon/SRT4/Caliber/Cobalt.

We get asked all the time, how can I monitor my cars oil pressure?

Well, its easy, with an oil pressure gauge!

But, thats not the full answer, thats the first half of the answer, the next part is a question:
Do you want to install the gauge inside the car, or outside the car?

If you answered inside the car, you’ll need an electronic oil pressure sensor that converts the fluid pressure into a electrical output that you can safely run in the car. You see, you wouldnt want hot pressurized oil going into the cabin!

Pictured here, is how you’ll tap into your oil pressure fitting wether or not you go with mechanical or electrical oil pressure gauge.

How to connect oil pressure gauge to your block.
How to connect oil pressure gauge to your block.

You can see that there is a T threaded into the factory oil pressure sensor fitting. Then, the factory oil pressure sensor is threaded into it. On the other side, is the electrical pressure sensor that came with the electrical pressure gauge. This way you keep the factory oil pressure sensor in place, and you can also hook up either your mechanical or electrical gauge on the other side.

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