Got a new Vibrant muffler to install on the SRT4 swap into 95 Neon project

We received a muffler that I ordered the other day for the SRT4 swap project. Some of you may ask why I ordered a muffler to install on the 95 Neon when the SRT4 comes from the factory with no muffler ?

Well, theres two reasons really – 1) I want the exhaust to have a completely stock look to it, down to the sideways installed muffler, two bent down tips like the factory style 95 Neon Dohc muffler. 2) I dont want any droning on the highway, and know that this muffler will help reduce the overall volume. Most importantly, because this muffler is a straight through muffler, no performance is lost.

Onto the specs and photos.
3 inch inlet
Two 2.5 inch outlets
Full stainless steel
Vibrant part number 1111
This muffler costs just under $100 and is great for those of you who want to fabricate your own exhaust like Im doing.

What a beautiful muffler.
Vibrant Straight Through Turbo style muffler

Straight through, no performance lost.
Vibrant Straight Through Turbo style muffler

If your interested in checking out the rest of Vibrants universal mufflers for custom exhaust fabrication, check out their website at

If you see a particular muffler your interested in, even though they arent listed on our website, we can get ahold of the specific one you want, and ship it right to you. Contact us at 1-877-247-6366 toll free.

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