Id like to remove all of my vacuum lines/solenoids from my 03-05 SRT4….

We had a customer call us the other day stating he wanted to remove all of his vacuum lines/solenoids from his 2003-2005 Dodge SRT-4.

Now, this can be done, however, only in certain circumstances. You should only  remove your vacuum lines/solenoids if you have done the following.

1) Installed a stage 1 computer.

2) You have a AGP wastegate or other installed wastegate on your car

If you are still using  your factory computer, and you do NOT have a aftermarket wastegate, you should NOT remove the solenoids/lines.

Why you ask ? Because, the factory pcm uses the vacuum lines to connect to sensors to detect boost, and to control the wastegate actuator. If you dont have the vacuum lines attached, you’ll have several check engine lights coming on, in addition to your car not being able to operate the wastegate actuator.

Furthermore, the Diablosport Predator tuner uses the factory lines and solenoids to control boost, so there arent many instances in which you should be removing your vacuum lines/solenoids.

Written by Modern Performance

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