1995-2005 Neon owners – we’ve got a few QUAIFE Differentials coming in !

1995-2005¬†Neon owners – we’ve got a few QUAIFE Differentials coming in !

Some of you out there may remember when we did a purchase through Quaife to get them to make another run of Quaife differentials for the 95-05 Neon.

Quaife had discontinued these, but told us we could have another run made if we ordered 25+ (these retail at $1000 a piece!). We did the purchase, and got a run of the Quaifes made for all of our Neon customers!

Now, we are not willing to do another purchase of these yet, but we were able to source another few Quaifes for the 1995-2005 Neons and we have about 3 coming in. If you’d like to get one, it might be a while before we can offer these again, so dont delay!

NOTE: This is being written as of 8/3/10. If your reading this post after 10/3/10 its safe to assume that they are all sold out. We expect them to sell quickly.

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