Modern Performance announces sponsorship of 1LapSRT/Windspeed Motorsports SRT4.

Modern Performance
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March 29, 2011
(Houston, TX) – Modern Performance is proud to announce their association with WindSpeed Motorsports, a Greenville, SC based racing team tasked with running the new Modern Performance road racing program. Windspeed will be campaigning the MPx SRT-4 in the N.A.R.R.A. Time Trials (TT1) program as well as the GRM Ultimate Track Car Challenge, Redline Time Attack Finals and Super Lap Battle events.

In addition, WindSpeed Motorsports will be working closely with the MPx research and development team to test products which offer significant performance upgrades for domestic 4-cylinder vehicles.

WindSpeed Motorsports will be attending events up and down the east coast as well as selected events in Texas, Nevada and California. The WindSpeed Motorsports team has been racing heavily modified SRT-4 race cars in national road racing events for over 5 years. Along the way Windspeed has claimed numerous victories and several National Championships.

Windspeed has set a track record at all nine venues which they have competed in the Redline Time Attack series in the past two and a half years as well as the California home of the Super Lap Battle, Buttonwillow Raceway. Of these nine lap records, eight have yet to be broken.

The team members at WindSpeed Motorsports have over 40 years of combined racing experience in road racing. These members provide a comprehensive mix of experience in the development of racing components as well as the design, building, preparation and maintenance race cars. WindSpeed Motorsports have raced with NASA, NARRA, SVRA, SCCA and RTA and have trained under World-Challenge, Grand-Am (Rolex), Trans-Am and European Touring Car drivers and team personnel.

We are also proud to announce that members of the WindSpeed Motorsports team will be on-hand to unveil the Modern Performance SRT-4, during our upcoming meet on April 30, 2011 at the MP facility in Houston, TX.

BE sure to make it to the MP meet to see the new MP/Windspeed SRT4 in person!

Written by Modern Performance

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