Announcing the newest car to add to MP’s lineup. The FIAT 500!

Modern Performance's Fiat 500

Now that Chrysler is owned by Fiat, we’re going to start seeing a lot more Fiat parts in Mopars lineup, and more Mopar parts in Fiats lineup. The first change we’ve seen is that the Fiat 500 is now in the USA, sold by Chrysler dealerships, and parts are distributed through Mopar for the Fiat 500.

For those of you who know Modern Performance as being a strictly American 4 cylinder specialist, we realize this is not a American 4 cylinder car, but its now built in Mexico in the Toluca plant where a lot of Chryslers were built including the 95-99 Neon! Furthermore, because parts and the car are distributed through Chrysler dealerships, this is like our Italian cousin!

Lastly, the Fiat 500, although its smaller than anything we have ever dealt with, its a very fun car to drive, its small, lightweight, just like all of the other American 4 cylinder cars we have specialized in.

Expect more updates from us on this car in the future!

Written by Modern Performance

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