Neon SRT4 Hurst shifter modified to fit into a Neon

SRT4 Hurst shifter into 1995 Neon

Sorry for the blurry pic!

This picture shows a Neon SRT4 Hurst shifter modified to fit into a 1995 Neon.

This install was done into Cory’s 1995 Neon with SRT4 swap. The end result is amazing, the shifter feels super solid, is angled nicely towards the driver, and the height of the shift ball is perfect.

This install was done on a Neon mounting base with most of the other components coming from a Neon SRT4 Mopar short shifter. Components of the Mopar short shifter were then combined with the Hurst shifter to make a hybrid Neon/Mopar/Hurst shifter.

At some point we’ll try to do a special blog post showing the work needed to make the Hurst shifter fit into a first gen.

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