Crane Cam Camshafts for 1995-2005 SOHC Neon back in stock!

Reintroducing the Crane Cams camshafts for the 1995-2005 Dodge/Plymouth Neon!
Crane Sohc Neon Camshaft

Back around 2007, the famous Crane Cam company closed down, leaving SOHC Neon owners with no source for camshafts. Fortunately, Crane Cams is back in business and we’re able to provide camshafts for all the SOHC Neon owners out there!

These camshafts start out as billet cores, are ground down, and polished to each camshaft spec sheet. Crane offers a total of 5 grinds for the SOHC Neon, of which we stock 3 grinds. These three grinds will work well for 98% of all Sohc owners.

The three grinds we offer are as follows.
#10 grind – great for mildy modified cars and automatics. Great low end and mid range power.
#12 grind – excellent mid range power and top end. This cam has a split duration exhaust profile which is optimized for turbo usage as well. (Will work great with all motor cars too!)
#14 grind – top end power! This camshaft is optimized for the best top end power possible.


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