New MPx polished shift knob for 2013+ Ford Focus ST



We absolutely love our 2013 Ford Focus ST. Its a blast! But some things could be improved on.

The factory shift knob is one item that can be improved on in our opinion. Its not a bad piece, but its shaped like a triangle and it leans forward.

We wanted a knob that felt more natural in our hand. So, we created a knob that was like more of a traditional ball knob, except that it has a lower skirt to cover some of the reverse lockout mechanism. This knob feels perfect to us!

This knob has the correct gate pattern engraved on the top, and it has our MPx engraving on the bottom skirt.

Installation couldnt be any easier! Simply unscrew the factory knob counterclockwise, and then screw on the new one clockwise until the gate is correctly aligned like factory.

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Written by Modern Performance

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