Nitrous Express N-Tercooler now in stock! (For use with Intercoolers)

Quick notes on this kit:

  • Lowers air temperatures by up to 60 degrees!
  • We saw a increase of 31 horsepower on a 270 wheel horsepower Neon SRT-4 on the dyno with this kit!
  • Your NOT running nitrous into the motor, only on the intercooler!
  • Straightforward installation!
  • If you have a turbocharged car, an easy way to increase your cars performance is to lower the incoming air temperature to the motor.

    The purpose of your cars intercooler, is to reduce the incoming air temperatures, however when your driving aggresively, or if its really hot outside the incoming air will begin to raise in temperature.

    Thats where the Nitrous Express Ntercooler kit can help. This kit takes compressed Nitrous and sprays it directly onto the intercooler. Because the sprayed nitrous is usually 0-30 degrees fahrenheit, it can buildup cakes of ice on the intercooler, which substantially lowers the incoming air temps.

    10 lb bottle complete kit $459

    15 lb bottle complete kit $489

    Link with more details :

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