Now stocking Aftermarket single groove valve keepers for use in 95-05 Neon and SRT4.

Ok, if you have any of the following vehicles and want to install new Indy valves, or Rev valves, or pretty much any aftermarket oversize valves, you’ll need new keepers.

00-05 Neon

03-05 Dodge SRT4

Why? Well, the factory valve in a 95-99 Neon uses a single groove keeper to lock the valve and valve spring together. The 00-05 Neon and SRT4 uses a triple groove keeper and all of the aftermarket valves are single groove keepers.

So, in order to use aftermarket valves, you’ll need to get single groove keepers to install. Now, normally thats not a big deal, but for some reason the Mopar keepers have been backordered for a VERY long time. We have been able to source an aftermarket equivalent thats cheaper and just as good quality wise. This way you dont have to be waiting for the Mopar to come off backorder, and you save some time!

Single Groove keepers for 95-05 Neon and SRT4
Single Groove keepers for 95-05 Neon and SRT4


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