Pictures of Neon2012 trip!

We went on a road trip to Denver Colorado for an event called Neon2012. Its a nationwide gathering of 95-05 Neon owners and Neon SRT4 owners.

At the Neon2012 meet we had a group junkyard run, a barbeque, lots of hanging out at the hotel discussing Neons,  a hosted Ed Peters tech talk, and a drive through the  mountains!

On the way there, driving through west Texas. Its flat, hot, and super dry!

On the drive over, we stopped in Amarillo Texas. Charles from MP had an intermittent speedo issue with his 98 RT so he pulled his instrument cluster and retouched some of the speedo welds and replaced his speedometer sensor.

Driving through Amarillo, we were briefly on Route 66!

Clayton New Mexico!

In northeastern NM, we were beginning to see some of the rocky mountains!

Charles’s RT with the rocky mountains in the background.


We made it to Aurora, Colorado and started seeing other Neons in the parking lot. This is Jim Ripley’s Neon with 3.3 V6 from a Dodge Caravan.

Driving through Colorado, it sure was beautiful!

We drove to the Argo Mine, a famous gold mining site from the 1890’s-1940’s.

Chris Barnett’s awesome RT with Hahn racecraft turbo.

The famous NEO_PREZA. Now with STI engine and turbocharged versus old Impreza non turbo platform.

This car is a complete Subaru swap with AWD drivetrain.

This is AJ’s or (Ominous) from’s Nitro Yellow green with 2.4 swap and Hahn 20G turbo kit, megasquirt.

Scott Bartosevich’s RT with 38,000 miles.

Lots of Nitro Yellow Green Neons!

Mike (Sparky on Magnum swapped Neon race car.

Mike (Sparky’s) awesome Viper hood.

Tom (98PAACR) has a few RARE Neon goodies.

Chuck (MAddog’s) clean white SRT4.

Neo-Preza again..

Check out the light output from those MASSIVE Piaa lights on the front!

This is Chipdogg or Jacob from

Scott Bartosevich also owns a AWESOME low mileage 9,000 mile EBLUE SRT4 with 235’s!!!

We went for a cruise up to Loveland Pass at nearly 12,000 feet elevation!

This is Rojna’s 01 Neon that has been painted to look like  a SRT4. He drove all the way from FLORIDA!!! Next up for him is a SRT4 engine/drivetrain swap.

Scott Bartosevich’s SRT4 again with the beautiful rocky mountains in the background. LOVE This pic!

A lot of manufacturers test out their cars in the high altitude. What we saw here was a jaguar lead car with a Range Rover prototype of some sort being tested out.

Thats the end of the trip! Hope you guys enjoyed the pics!

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