Photos from Modern Performance meet 11-5-11 (Part one)

The MP meet officially started at 11am and by 10:30 we already had at least 35 cars including Srt4s, Cobalts, and Caliber Srt4s filling up the parking lot. William Alvarado a fellow Dodge Neon srt4 owner was putting out the beats as the DJ for this event. Also joining us was special guest Malcolm Ward and his first gen neon acr swapped with a srt4 engine. Because we have so many photos from the meet we will post photos in two to three batches over the next two days.

Malcolm Ward and his first gen acr swapped with a Srt4 engine

Deep Water Blue caliber showing a nice aggressive stance

11am and we have a great crowd

1st Generation Neons

Ed peters tech talk

Mr Ed Peters giving a tech talk on the Srt4 transmission

Vince's Slammed Caliber Srt4

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We're the team at!

Fiat 500 Abarth confirmed. 160hp turbo engine, 2100lbs! WooHoo!

Photos from Modern Performance meet 11-5-11(Part Two)