Photos of Modern Performance’s 98 Neon we’re entering into the 24 hours of Lemons!

Modern Performance is entering into the 24 hours of Lemons race for a third time!

This year we’ll be racing for 24 hours straight, from Saturday Sept 28 at 3pm to Sunday Sept 29th at 3pm.

A full 24 hours of racing, rain, shine, darkness of night, or blazing sunlight!

Here are some pictures of our car as we’re building it up.

In the past, we only raced during daylight, so we have to wire up our car with lights to see at night.

We’ll explain the GMC badges later.


In the past, our car had a Moroso spiral flow after the header to quieten it down. It wasnt enough and it was very loud inside the car.

So, to help keep our sanity we installed a 5 ft long cherry bomb in the middle section and a universal muffler on the rear.

Its much quieter now, without slowing down our exhaust velocity!


Custom making a battery tray from scratch:


Mockup of our “RAM” air intake system, we wish we could run this but we’re not, our air filter is back in the engine bay now.


Written by Modern Performance

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