Announcing the name / theme of our 2009 24 hours of Lemons race car!

MP has entered into the 24 hours of Lemons race event scheduled for October 2009. Lemons race is a endurance race over saturday and sunday, 10 hours a day, and its a race of $500 cars !

Its really quiet a blast, and last year, MP built a 98 Neon, and we called it Team Grocery Getter!

For those of you who havent seen photos from our last race event, in the 24 hours of Lemons endurance race from 2008, heres a link:

Now, for 2009, MP’s entire staff will be racing in the same car, but with a different theme this time! This time we will be racing as AIRWOLF NEON!

Heres a quick photoshop we had done based on a photo of 2008’s car.

Team Airwolf Lemons Race TEAM

We hope you got a good laugh out of that photo like we did when the photoshop was made. Thats the basic theme for the car, albeit slightly unrealistic. We still plan on having a roof rotor, rear rotor, but the huge helicopter nose cone might make it hard to access the motor.

More details to follow..

Written by Modern Performance

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As of 9/4/09 we have ONE spot left for the incoming 95-99 Neon Quaife LSD’s

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